January 19, 2010


Sunny and warmish. Nice day.

Today was quite good. I went to bed a little earlier than I have lately last night and it made a difference in how my day went I think. I got up this morning with quite a lot of energy and I felt good too. I watched the news, read the paper, drank some instant coffee and showered.

I did my computer stuff, followed by a bit of TV watching and lunch making. Then I was on my way. I had to decide if I would ride my bike or walk. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to ride my bike, knowing that I would most likely have to walk in places.

I set off and did walk in places. I stopped on the way at a bakery to pick up some sandwiches and other food for later in the day, then headed off. I made good time, even with the walking. It was still a little icy in places, but also very wet in places. The snow was melting. I made it to my school and parked the car. I did take the snow shovel outside and moved a bit of snow both in front of my school and in the parking lot. I made it possible for a car to let off someone at the front of my school, and I tried to make it so the snow would melt in my snowpile. Yay me.

I had 3 classes today and they all went well. In the first one we have decided to add a second book for listening. I have to call the publisher tomorrow if I can for a bit of advice about level for my student. In my other classes I think the students and I had fun. I did, and that's usually a good sign.

After work I finished up and called F. There was no answer. I was hoping he wasn't still mad from yesterday or that he hadn't fallen asleep again. However, he called me back about 15 minutes later. He had just finished work. Egads. He had a meeting tonight. Poor thing. He picked me up and we came home.

We didn't have the nabe yesterday, so we had it tonight. I did the prep for it and it was great! I wasn't sure how to cut the veggies, but F showed me or told me silly things (for example, cut the fried tofu in triangles- so I did!) I threw it all in a bowl. I put the curry soup packet in the nabe pot and brought it to a simmer.

While it was heating up, I checked my email and got some very sad news. One of my close friends in Canada lost her mother today. It was unexpected and very sad. I dashed off a quick note to my friend and the nabe boiled over.

We both rushed to the pot and put the veggies in and then had a very nice dinner. We were both surprised at how nice the curry soup made everything. F even put some noodles in at the end like you are supposed to and they were good too. He did the dishes afterwards, while I watched Criminal Minds with Luke Perry.

So that was my day. I'm really sad for my friend. It brings back a lot of feelings from when my own mum died too.

I have to go. I don't have any profound words to leave you with. Sorry. Night.

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