January 20, 2010


Rainy and warmish.

I got up this morning and watched news, drank coffee. It was a good morning. I decided to go out early to the post office, so I showered, then watched my two TV shows from yesterday afternoon. Of course, then it was too late to go out, so I didn't. I did wrap the parcel though, so I can send it tomorrow. Another bookmooch and again, to Germany. Woot.

I spent a lot of the afternoon working. I had to make cards for my class this evening. Luckily there was a great site on the net that had almost all of the cards I needed. I printed them onto postcards so they'd have some measure of durability. I also wrote an email to a book company rep about one of the books that he had given a presentation on in Sendai. I'm thinking about using it for a student soon.

I decided to ride my bike to work again. It was raining so I thought that the ice would have melted even further (good call) and walking would have been miserable. After I cooked and ate lunch, I headed out on my way. I made good time, and didn't stop anywhere today.

At the school I checked the parking lot. My space was one of the only ones that still had snow in it from my mound that I had shovelled last week. I squashed it a bit and spread it out so that the rain could do its work better.

In the school I spent a bit of time getting ready for the class. I am working on spelling with the student, so I made a couple of games for him. When it was class time, they worked quite well. We had a good class today. It was all about emotions, so it was fun. I did make an interesting discovery in class. We were turning to page 16 in our books. Well, we both had our books open and page 16 was there, but his next page was different than mine. I looked and sure enough, his next page said 17. Mine said 33. There are 16 pages missing from my copy of the text. They weren't ripped out, and I don't think they were miss ordered as I checked for that. It was a little odd, but I made a copy of my student's text for the next couple of lessons. I'll contact the bookseller or the publisher tomorrow.

After class I did a quick clean up, followed by a lesson prep session for tomorrow. I just have one class that I needed to find all the cards for. After that I vegged a little and then thought I should contact my husband! He was supposed to email me when he was done work, but of course, didn't. He came to get me and we went to Jiro for dinner.

After dinner we came home and watched Ugly Betty. I thought it was really funny tonight and laughed a lot. Christina finally delivered something for Wilhelmina, and the way it happened was quite funny. There's also a hint that something serious is going to happen soon.

And that was about it. It was quite a nice day, if a bit quiet. Tomorrow I'll hopefully take those books to the post office and then I'll go to work in the evening. F will be late again, but so will I. I'll talk to you all tomorrow. Night.


Anonymous said...

Hi Helen, how are you? I keep missing Ugly Betty.. can you let me know what days it airs?


Helen said...

April! Thanks for visiting again.

Ugly Betty is on Wednesday nights on NHK (BS11/2) depending on if you have digital or not at 11:00 pm usually. I think we're getting near the end of the season so I hope you can catch it.

It's so funny. Even my hubby likes the show!