January 22, 2010

Friday - Snowy and cold

Listening to Eartha baby at the moment...just finished some Dean songs too, so I'm in this weird 40's/50's place, wish I had someone to vamp. Hubby's gone to bed, so probably I'll have to wait.

Today was quiet. I spent most of the day at home. It was cold and snowed a bit more. It wasn't terrible, just a bit blowy outside.

Around 1 I walked to the post office to mail off a book mooch, then I did a convenience store run. At home again, I shovelled snow in our parking space, and did a darn good job of it too.

In the apartment, I ate lunch and also watched Cold Case. Later in the afternoon I started watching Demolition Man with Sandra Bullock and Sylvester Stallone. It was surprisingly funny. I saw it when it first came out and liked it a lot. Hubby came home on it and enjoyed the parts he saw as well.

We went out for dinner to a Japanese restaurant. I wasn't that hungry and for once didn't care what I ate so I had tempura udon and F had soba. His was okay. I don't know why he gets so weird about food. He complains about every place that makes noodles. Yet, he chose that place, so can only blame himself!

We stopped off at my school to set the heater for tomorrow, then F went to the grocery store. I stayed in the car. I did a lot of walking yesterday and today so my foot is really painful. Sigh.

At home again, F made coffee and we watched another movie. This one was a new one to both of us, Cleaner with Samuel L. Jackson and Ed Harris. It was interesting.

Really, that is about it for today. I think I'm going to try and get some extra sleep tonight by going to bed almost early for me. Woot. Wonder if I'll actually make it? Doubtful, but miracles have been known to happen!


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