January 23, 2010

Saturday - Cold, but mostly clear with a few small flurries.

Today was a good, if somewhat busy day. I got up this morning just after my alarm went off, made the bed, showered and watched the news, plus rewatched Criminal Minds. Then, we left the apartment. I got F to stop at the bakery on the way to the restaurant. I got a couple of sandwiches and a chocolate croissant. Those things are to die for!

We had a quick and cheerful lunch at Gusto, then went to my school. F was a dear and helped me shovel out the parking space. Someone else had done the steps and front entrance already today. Hurray for that! We did a nice job there and then F left and I went back to my school. I got ready for the class and when my student arrived, had a good class with her.

Classes generally went well today. I think it was because I went to bed a few minutes early last night! I felt awake today. Somedays I'm really tired, but today I was quite "genki" to use a Japanese word. My third class didn't come today, but she did call, so I wasn't worried about her. After the last class I cleaned up a bit, then called F to come and get me.

We went first to a convenience store to send off that faulty textbook, then to have dinner. Our first place was closed, so we went to Hyakkenbori. It's Japanese food, but it's nice Japanese food. I'm not sure how to describe it. They serve things like sashimi and noodles, but their presentation is beautiful. I always feel like taking pictures of my food before I eat it! Tonight we had a set with sashimi, 3 kinds of appetizers, beef shoulder roast and suzuki-age in an interesting sauce. It came with cod soup (my least favourite part of the meal) and rice. Everything was very nice and we were the only people in the restaurant. We had a nice meal.

We came home and watched The Sarah Connor Chronicles and then a bit later an old Ugly Betty. It was one with Christian Sirano from Project Runway. Fun. We just finished watching a re-run of today's sumo which was pretty exciting and soon I think I'll be heading off to bed. I'm a bit tired and am worried about catching something.

Gotta go. Night!

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