January 24, 2010

Sunday - Sunny and warm.

Today was a lovely day! I slept in a bit, and then got a lovely wake-up call.

After checking on various computer things that I have to do, we went out for lunch. We went to a place near the city hall and had lunch. I had the steak set and it was very nice. I had a really interesting creamed soup with lunch. I couldn't really identify it. It was a greyish colour but it had a little spice in it. I asked F to ask the waiter what it was when he paid. Turned out it was cream of gobo soup. I don't even like gobo...it's one of those weird Japanese plants, but this soup was delicious.

When we finished lunch, we went to the nearby souvenir shop so I could take a few things with me to the convention. I got one little thing there, but there wasn't a huge selection. We decided to go to another souvenir shop and I ended up getting some local dadachamame chocolate wafers. I tried their sampler and they were quite nice. Then we hit up the electronic store for some blank cds for me. I ran out again.

We made a brief stop at home so I could ditch my boots and put shoes on instead. Yay. We hit S-mall and then drove out to Mikawa's mall.

At the mall we had a very late lunch. F called our lunch breakfast, so that's why we had lunch! We ended up going to a Chinese restaurant in the mall. We ordered and thought we were fine, but the waitress came back and said my dish wasn't available. Grr. I ended up having some yakisoba/veggie meat thing. It might have been nice, but there was too much sauce on it and I was more worried about my shirt getting sauced than about eating the food. It didn't help that F was done his meal in about 3 minutes either. It bugs me how fast my husband eats.

Anyway, after dinner we had a cup of something at Seattle's Best. I had iced tea which was okay after I doctored it with sugar and milk!

We went upstairs and went to see a movie. Today it was Surrogates with Bruce Willis. It was okay. There were a lot of interesting ideas behind the movie, they weren't always followed through on. Afterwards F said he thought it was a blend of A.I., The Terminator and Avatar and I can understand why he would say that. I would have liked to see more about the human/surrogate interaction, but it wasn't to be!

After the movie we bought some whole wheat bread and then drove back to Tsuruoka. We talked about going for dinner, but neither of us was hungry. I really wasn't feeling that good from the Chinese thing. We hit up the grocery store and F got a few things for himself, but honestly, the thought of eating what was there in the store didn't work for me. We came home, and F ate his stuff. I think he made udon. He tried to feed me cookies but I wasn't interested.

We watched Remo Williams, which was a film that I'd given F for his birthday present. It was silly and fun, but we both were a bit surprised when it ended. It didn't seem done. Kate Mulgrew was the woman in it...I was surprised to see Captain Janeway!

And that was it. My day was pretty good. I got a few errands done and the snow melted a bit. Hurray for that. Got to go. Night!

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