January 25, 2010

Monday--Rainy then snowy and blowy.

My day got off to a bad start. F woke up, looked at his clock, said "I'm late for work" and took the day off. He wasn't feeling well, but I was a bit put out. Today was my last day off before my trip and I had a ton of stuff to do, stuff that wasn't good to do around one's husband.

He also has this weird thing where he thinks that just because I sleep in on Sundays, I also sleep in on Mondays. I usually don't. I know there have been a few cases where I was really tired or sick and I do, but generally I get up. I had to be up today anyway because I was expecting a delivery from my book publisher.

Anyhoo, he did end up sleeping for a lot of the day. I calmed down after a while and got on with my day. I did a few things. I made a cd for a friend, I wrote a bunch of email, I read the paper, and I watched my CSI shows. F slept most of the afternoon, except when he got up and made lunch for himself. I offered but he wanted something different than I wanted to make.

In the evening I went into the bedroom to wake him up. It was after 7 and I wanted to go to my school to set the heater. We did that, and then had dinner at New York, New York. I noticed that they had sirloin steak on special, so we both had that. It wasn't bad actually. We had a nice meal there and then came home.

At home F wanted to watch some DVDs so he put on his Alias Smith and Jones and we watched it for an hour. He's enjoying it so much. Apparently they had the show on when he was younger, but it was dubbed into Japanese! I had to twist his arm to order it last year, but he admitted how glad he was that I did! After one episode of AS&J, we watched a couple of episodes of Corner Gas. There was one in particular that I wanted him to watch, Eight Samurai. It was about a town in Japan that wanted to twin with Dog River, so they sent a sword. Mayhem ensued. It was funny, but I think F was too shocked that they would treat a katana in that fashion. The other one he had a good chuckle at. It was about how dirty Hank's truck was. Hilarity ensued. I'm glad that F gets Canadian humor. After 8 years of me, he had better!

I joined F on the couch for much of this and I did something odd. I did some crochet. I had been working on a cowl and I just decided that I didn't like it at all. I'm going to make myself a kind of hat and so I ripped out some of what had been done before and started again with this. I just started so I'm not sure how it's going to go! Wish me luck eh?

At 11, Grey's Anatomy was on and we watched that. It was okay. The plot is definitely thickening regarding Izzy. Gee, I wonder what is going to happen? (I know already, but I try not to do spoilers!)

Oh, and one other thing. One of the blogs I check everyday is doing a feature on the special Yamagata Kitkat. I saw them in a shop and sent a box to the blogger so that she could review them. I hope you'll find her review and blog as interesting as I do.

I lied. That should be TWO other things! Today was Robert Burns day. Go out and eat a haggis, do the Highland Fling, or read some poetry in the Scottish vernacular. Och aye, and away with ye all now. Night!


Anonymous said...

Nope.. I checked.. your snow gift has not arrived yet! hehe That was so kind of you Helen!!!!! I have not eaten "steak" in 9 years.. meat yet, but never really sat down and had a GOOD steak. My husband is not a meat person, but he is... it depends on the texture...

I just ordered a few movies... UP and The Hangover... have you seen them yet?

Helen said...

Yes, my hub would much rather sit down with a bowl of noodles every day than anything else. I'm from the cattle country part of Canada, so I like meat. I don't always eat steak, usually I like chicken, but it was on sale last night.

Did you find the recipe link I posted earlier?

I haven't seen Up or The Hangover. Up was only in Japanese up here and The Hangover never made it to the theater. I'm looking forward to seeing them both though.

Thanks for visiting.
PS...The question you haven't answered is,"How much snow should I send you??" :-))

Anonymous said...

I do like meat... I'm a meat person compared to fish, but I like fish and sushi too... my favorite is Chicken and ox tail, and pigs feet... (clearly I must be French) haha joking... I used to love eating pickled pigs feet from the Deli, but I have not made them here.

I guess I sort of gave up unless we eat out, making two meals is a pain in the butt, so we've been making various types of soup.. its healthy and I can keep him away from salt as much as possible.. but I add some pork or beef, he just skips that part.

SNOW..I'll take enough snow just to dust the tree's....

Oh you did post the recipe.. let me go look = )

I finally caught Veronica Mars last night.. love that show and the O.C.

I did rent Damages on DVD, and they always leave you with some type of cliff hanger, I hope that was not the end of season 2.... think there might be two more DVD's coming out.. hope so.

I like Two and a Half men, for the adult humor = )

Helen said...

My BIL loves 2 & a Half Men, so I get to watch it when I'm in Canada. It's funny. Damages is good, sometimes NHK runs it. I can't let my hubby watch it though as I think Glenn Close scares him! Veronica Mars is on TV here, but I can never remember so I miss it most of the time.

Soup is good. I should really make some again. I haven't done it for a while.

Oh, you know, a lot of our snow has melted over the last couple of days. All that we have now is horrid, dirty snow in big piles, so I'll have to wait until we get another big fall. Then, I'll be trying to decide how to takkyubin the snow to you. I think they have frozen trucks, don't they? :-P

Thanks for visiting as always :-)