January 27, 2010

Wednesday - Clear and warm.

I'm going to try to be brief today. I have to get some sleep and it's very late already. I did my usual morning things, but today I threw in 3 loads of laundry and I packed my suitcase. I tried to be very logical about it, planning out exactly what to wear each day. I also had to find some dress shoes to go with my dress for the big dinner. I think I found some.

I went to work at about the right time and did a couple of things on the way. I went to the bank machine and did a bit of financial wizardry, then hit up the drugstore for many kinds of supplies, including of course, chocolate. The ride today was much nicer than yesterday, and I didn't have to get off and walk anywhere. Hurray.

My class tonight went well. I gave my student a spelling test and he did better than I expected. I told him that he'd get another one next week. I gave him the words to study as well, so I'm not a total mean teacher.

After class I finished up my stuff and spent a little time relaxing. A little after 8 I received a text message from my husband so I called him back. He came to pick me up and told me a funny story. His little text to me was rather sweet. It said, "Hi! I love you! I'm アット ホーム!" Unfortunately when he was sending it, his phone's battery was dying and he couldn't see the name of the person that he was sending it to very well. He first sent it to a male co-worker, who then called him to find out what was happening. I laughed about that all night!

We came home, and after a brief email check, I worked on dinner. Tonight we had pumpkin soup (grocery store), spicy chicken wing bits, salad (grocery store) and hash browns (freezer). Even though it was simple, it was quite nice to eat at home for a bit. F did the dishes tonight too, which was lovely of him.

We watched Ugly Betty, which was fun and a little serious in a way, and that was about it. It was a nice day really. Weather was great, food was good, and I'm going away for the weekend. Which brings me to my other point. I probably won't update again until Monday night as I'll be away. Tomorrow night I hope to get to bed early as I have to get up early on Friday. So, don't miss me too much. There's always the hope that I might do a phone blog or something too!

Later! Night.


rennschnecke said...

from canada to japan , cool !
hallo from germany !!;-)

Helen said...

Thanks for posting a message,...and welcome.