January 3, 2010


Snowy, windy, but a good day for me!

I got up this morning around 11 am. I don't usually see the day before noon on a Sunday, but I had plans today. I wanted to prepare lunch and I had to go to my school and work a bit.

F was up before me, but went back to bed when I got up! I took a shower and then did some computer stuff for a while. Around 12 F made us some coffee and then I was going to start getting lunch under way. F decided to go out and get his hair cut before we watched Back to the Future 3. Okay. Fine. He left at 12:30. Meanwhile, I got busy.

I prepped the broccoli, mushrooms and snow peas, cut some bread and when F came back (sans haircut as the place wasn't open) we had lunch. The movie was fun, and the fondue was great. It was just a supermarket one, no real work for it on my part. We watched the movie, ate fondue. Life was good!

After the movie, I requested that F take me to my school. He grabbed the stepladder and I took a bunch of things with me. He came in with me and we got to work. What did we do? Well, I finally took down my Christmas decorations, and F made me new classroom English signs. I had printed some up the night before, but he put them on nice bright paper so they pop. We took down the old signs and put up the new ones. I had forgotten two of my old signs, so I'll have to make them this week. He took down the curtains for me and I washed them. He put up a barrier around the window to try to keep some of the cold out. My school has a big window/door that in winter lets the cold in and in summer lets the heat in. We tried putting it up earlier but had the wrong tape. I think we still had the wrong tape, but he put it up very securely for me. (So securely, I'm worried about how I'll get it off in spring!)

I redecorated my school a bit, stamped the new books I bought in Sendai and did a whole lot of little things that will hopefully make my life easier in the next month or so. F was very very helpful today. In other years we've had big arguments about my school, but nothing today. I'm not sure why? Maybe I just gave him the right jobs to do today and then let him do them, or maybe I was happier, I just don't know. Anyway, I was very grateful to him, and told him so.

We came home via the grocery store to get a few things for my school and our dinner. Yes, we even planned to eat dinner at home tonight! We had yakiniku and it was very nice. F had spotted some gyutan last night in Jusco for half price, so we had that, plus some other meat that was marked down (with lots of time on the expiry date). We had veggies and meat. Yum.

F had done a lot of the prep tonight, so I did the clean up and then we settled in for the night. We ended up watching DieHard 4.0 or as it's known outside Japan, Live Free and Die Hard. Love the DieHard films, well, except for the second one!

At midnight I turned it over to watch Hustle, and hubs went to take his bath. Tomorrow he goes back to work and I hope things go well for him. His neck is really bothering him again. I told him he should contact the surgeon and ask for his money back, or a re-do, but he's not having any of it.

Tomorrow I may go out if the weather is okay. I have to get a new schedule book, the one I almost bought in Sendai would have done, but I was afraid the size was wrong at the time. Wish me luck with that! Got to go. Night!

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