January 4, 2010


Warmish, quiet day.

This was F's first day back to work in a while. He got up and left, but I think it took him a bit of effort.

I got up at my old usual time. There wasn't any news on, so I watched Merlin and read the newspaper. In the afternoon I was happy because my favourite Jean Claude van Damme movie was on, Universal Soldier. He was so young in that one!

I basically stayed home in the afternoon, watched some TV and made my brunch. I had some very nice French toast. I was just finishing up when I got a call from my husband. His stupid office told him that they needed revised figures for my income for last year, and they needed it right away. Grr. Why didn't they tell me LAST YEAR? I would have had time to do it over the break. Of course, all of my financial stuff is in my school, not in my apartment. Bah. He phoned me back later and told me that I could tell them the numbers on Wednesday instead of tomorrow. I tried to make him see that I wasn't angry at him, just his office. He also found out later that his boss had known about this on Christmas day, which F worked...F also worked the following Monday, so the guy could have told him.

F came home and we went out. First we made a trip to S-Mall to get my organizer refills and then went out for dinner. We had a nice dinner at New York, New York. We hit the school on our way back home. I had a couple of things to do there. I needed to set the heater for work tomorrow and I needed to grab my financial stuff.

When we came home, F basically went to bed right away. I'm worried about him. He did get up to have coffee and watch Mamma Mia, but he slept all through the movie and barely touched his coffee. I watched the show and tried to sort out my bookkeeping stuff. I got most of it done but I'm right on the borderline for F's work and dependence and such. He's still sleeping so I can't even ask him about it. I do have to update my passbook in case something else came through on it under last year.

Anyway, I watched a bunch of TV tonight. It was all soapy stuff, but kind of fun. Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. I think next week it's a crossover show. They can be good or bad. Hope this one is good.

I should go. I'm tired and I have to see if I can rouse my husband enough to get him to change into his pajamas. I hope so. Later!


Orchid64 said...

I'm inclined to congratulate you for making enough from your school to put you close to the borderline on being dependent. I'm sure that it'll be complicated if you go over, but it's nice to see that your school is a success!

Helen said...

I think it's a case of the rules being stupid more than my school being a rousing success, but so far so good. Luckily I found a couple of things that I can claim for my school so I'll be under the limit!

Thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Helen!!!! I hope you are able to garner even more students this year.

Happy 2010.. this year is going to be a good one!!!!

Helen said...

Thanks April Marie! I appreciate your good wishes.