January 5, 2010


Rainy day, and a bit busy too.

I got up this morning, watched the news. Diane Sawyer isn't doing it for me yet. I think it must be the filters or whatever they're called that they put over the camera so women of a certain age look better. She looks rather blurry to me. However, it was nice to see the news again. First time in ages. I read the paper, well gave it a quick once over and then took my shower.

In the after-shower portion of my day, I did a load of laundry and completely forgot to add any detergent to the water. Great Scott! * I'm hoping there was enough left in my clothes from the last time I washed them. I also rechecked my book-keeping and added a couple of expenses that I hadn't bothered to add before. Sometimes when I'm buying things for my school, I just can't be bothered to ask the sales clerk for a receipt, but I should! I'm using my money. Anyway, I came in a few thousand yen under the dreaded total, so that was good.

I spent a bit of time on my computer, then made lunch and headed out to work. It had stopped raining when I left and the roads were pretty clear. I really could have ridden my bike, but I was a touch worried that it would freeze before I got to the school. Bike+Ice=Ouch. The walk was nice, and I detoured into the ATMs at the grocery store to check my passbooks.

When I got to the school I checked the parking lot and it was fine. There was no snow in my space at all, and not much in the entrance. Hurray.

In the school tonight, I took a bit of time to get ready. I dusted, swept, and put the last two classroom English signs on coloured paper.

A little before my student was to arrive, I went and brushed my teeth. Now, allow me a little explanation. When I leave my school in winter, I turn off the water in case it freezes. Up where I live, if the water freezes inside my apartment and does damage, I have to pay. If the pipes freeze outside my apartment, the landlord does. So last time I was in the school, I turned off the water, it being January and all. When I turn off the water, a lot of air gets into the water pipes. It comes out in great fits and starts, and is rather noisy at times. Well, tonight was one of those times. I brushed my teeth, ran the water, and the pipes spat out a great gob of air and water, all over my shirt. Ack. There was no way to dry off the amount of water quickly, so I had to change my shirt, right before class. I'm lucky that I had a few shirts in the school to choose from, but oh my goodness.

Class was great, and after class I finished up, did some filing and then called F to come and get me. He did and we went to Cocos for dinner. It was okay. It wasn't great, but was fine. We came home via the grocery store to pick up something for dinner tomorrow night. It's going to be crustless quiche with salad and hash browns. Sounds good, doesn't it?

At home we watched a bit of weird Asian TV before I turned it to something I wanted to see. I did a lot of downloading of pictures from the net. I have one class tomorrow and I want to make some cards to help the student with vocab.

And that was my day. One nice thing that happened was F made a few jokes tonight. He hasn't done that in a while. His neck has been bothering him so much that he hasn't found much funny lately. It was a treat for me. Gotta go!

*I did just watch the three Back to the Future movies over the holidays...Doc always said it!


Anonymous said...

Helen I think I might scream if I see another "Back to the Future movie" that and SATC.... over and over and over again... I could have sworn each time I put the tv on... there it was... and there was Sarah Jessica Parker too... although... I LOVE the shower scene.. hehe

With Weather.... it has been teasing and toying with me lately.. cold enough to snow.. everyone got snow but we didn't at all... I wonder if we are in a weird spot in the city or??

If it wasn't for us driving to Mt. Fuji.. I wouldn't have seen snow at all....

It stays cool here up till April... than since spring weather till June.... so perhaps we might get some sort of snow in February... maybe..

Helen said...

We don't have the Back to the Future movies on DVD so it was fun to watch them over the holidays. One each day was a neat way to watch them.

I don't even remember the shower scene in SATC. I only saw it once.

And, seriously, if you want snow, visit Yamagata! We have lots.

Thanks for visiting today!