January 8, 2010

Little bit of snow, cold and then more snow at night.

I had a good day today. I wasn't sure if it was going to be good though! I got up and watched the news, drank coffee, no big deal. At 10 am I got a call from my husband wondering where I was. I told him I was at home and he said he was too! He'd had to drive someone to a place near our apartment. There wasn't time for him to go back to his workplace before he drove the person again, so he came and visited.

We chatted, drank coffee, relaxed. He left again and I decided to watch a movie I'd taped the night before called Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. I really enjoyed it! It was about a girl in high school in England and how she gets the guy. I thought it was quite original. I understand that it came from a series of books, but I haven't read them.

Just as the movie finished, F came home again. Ack. I was still in my pajamas at 1 pm. I was a bit shocked with myself and told him it didn't usually happen...it doesn't, but today was my day off so... He didn't stay long this time, but it was fun to see him.

After he left, I realized that I needed to go to the bank and I was still hoping to get my hair cut. I biked off to the bank and got there 10 minutes before they closed. I paid my city tax bill (it was due the day I come back from Sapporo, so didn't want to have to think about it all during my trip) and then went to the hair salon to see if I could get my hair cut.

At first I just saw my stylist's mother in the salon, so I wasn't too hopeful, but my stylist was there too...and she could fit me in right away. I was so glad. I've gone down twice before and my stylist wasn't there so I was starting to think about moving on (but really didn't want to.) Anyway, I got a nice hair cut again. It was so shapeless before, now it's rather cute!

When she finished my hair I paid and then went to the mall. I walked around a little, bought a few things at the hundred yen shop and then went to Doutors for Royal Milk Tea and a corned beef sandwich. The sandwich was good, but they had done too much to it. It had 1000 Islands salad dressing on it, onions, and even some crumbs on the top to add to the crunch. I basically couldn't even taste the corned beef, and I really wanted to taste it. It had been a while since I had some.

I sent F a text to tell him I was in the mall and then walked around a bit and explored the mall. There were some cool things there. F said that he would come and pick me up (yay!) so I just had to wait. He did come a bit after 5:30 and we put my bike in the car. We came home where he changed and admired my hair.

We had to go and get gas for the car, then set the heater at my school for tomorrow. After that, we had to eat! We had decided to go to Aki for okonomiyaki, so we did. We had two kinds, curry and cheese and shrimp and cheese. My curry one was good, but still not as good as it was before. After we finished, the owner gave us a couple of home made doughnuts. They were good and a bit of a surprise.

We came home and watched some of F's dvd set of Alias Smith and Jones. I'm actually a bit surprised at the complexity of the plots. It's not "Sopranos" twisty, but it certainly isn't The Dukes of Hazzard either. It was fun.

That's about it for my day. Tomorrow I have 4 lessons so I'll be a little busy at school. I also hope that it doesn't snow too much or I'll have to go out and shovel snow during the day. Poor me!

Talk to you tomorrow night!

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