January 9, 2010


Rainy, snowy and a bit cold.

Today was a good day, busy, but good. In the morning I shooed F off to the doctor, then I showered and watched the news, then the season opener of Criminal Minds. F came back near the end and took me out for brunch, and then dropped me off at work.

I had four classes today, and they all went fairly well. I haven't taught that many in quite a while! The time went fast today.

After work, F came and picked me up and then we went to Cafe Framboise for dinner. I had steak, he had a Japanese teishoku, so we were both happy. We came home and I watched the CSI shows and the Sarah Connors Chronicles as well.

We're now watching Dodgeball which is on NHK. We have the dvd, but it really is a hilarious movie, even though it's dumb! The cameos are a hoot.

That's it for me. I'll be off to Sendai tomorrow and will stay over for a night. Don't miss me too much. Talk to you later.


Orchid64 said...

Four students in one day is my "comfortable" high limit, and six is my absolute max. I had 5 yesterday, and 6 today (Sunday). In both cases, this was people dog-piling on the weekends or doing make-up lessons from the holidays. Boy, am I tired!

Have a nice trip to Sendai!

Anonymous said...

It is getting so cold, right? It will be really cold this week. I am a huge fan of Criminal Minds too.. I caught the episode this week so this weekend is just reruns...

I am so looking forward to Glee, watched a bit of Chuck... I have not been able to get into SCC yet but I do love law and order.

I wonder if it will ever, ever snow here!


Were you able to get my xmas card?

Sherry said...

Dodgeball is such a silly movie, but I love it. Sometimes you just want to be mindlessly entertained, right?

Helen said...

Three comments to come back to! I feel honored :-)

I hope you get some rest soon Orchid...I used to do 6 or sometimes more (but not often) when I worked for le Eikaiwa, but I haven't done it in a bit and I'm not used to it anymore. Still, I'm lucky in that my Saturday students are a great bunch and the "extra" class student only stayed for half an hour! Time passed really fast on Saturday.

April Marie....cold is relative! I'm from Edmonton so anything above -10 isn't that cold to me, but yes, it is a little colder these days. I hope you get snow soon if you really want it. If not, why not visit Yamagata-ken!!!!
And yes, I got your card, thanks very much. Did you get mine? I sent it to the address on the label/in the Journal...hope you got it.

Absolutely! The only thing I have discovered is that no-one in Japan knows who Chuck Norris is! F had no idea why I was laughing my head off at his thumbs up in the movie. An ex-coworker of mine worked at the Nagano Olympics helping US VIPs around and her person was....Chuck Norris. I was flabbergasted when she told me (after of course!) because I used to be a big fan of his. She had no idea who he was! She did say he was very nice though!

Thanks every one for visiting...

Anonymous said...

I did.. Yes.. thank you... OH... well you are used to snow. I was too when I lived in NYC.. ice storms.. finding my car tire in about 6inches of ice...

You name it.. then I moved to California and then I became allergic to hot or cold. I love S.F.'s weather... gets cool but the summers are really nice.

Helen said...

Honestly though, Edmonton didn't get as much snow as Tsuruoka! It's too cold and dry there. It just gets super cold back home. Here it's not that cold, and it's very damp, so there's a lot. I don't like snow!

I'd love to go to San Francisco! I've never been. I did get to LA once, (on a trip to Disneyland, but never SF. Maybe one day if I win the lotto.

It's funny how you get used to different weather, isn't it? I could never deal with the humidity in Southern Japan, but the "cold" up here is fine for me!