February 10, 2010

Wednesday - Snowy in the morning, clearing at night. Colder.

Today was an okay day. I got up in the morning, watched the news, read my paper, took a shower. I played telephones with my hubby. He's going to take Monday off work to take me to the tax office (Happy happy, joy joy, NOT) and then to the dentist. Yes, sad to say, my dental problem from last September is twingeing again and this time I'd like to be proactive about the whole thing. I'd rather not go through the days of pain that I did before I saw the dentist in Canada.

On with the update.... I did some laundry, watched last night's Project Runway episode and Criminal Minds too. It was a bit ooky for me today as the story was about a 6 year old boy who had been kidnapped. He looked remarkably like my 5 year old nephew. Still, it was a good episode that introduced a new back story for Spencer, so I'm happy.

It started to snow a little just as I was going to have brunch. I decided to wait and see what it would do later. I ate the leftover pasta from last night, and it was just as good today. Yummy. When I finished brunch and dishes I left for my school.

The snow wasn't coming down very hard so I decided to ride my bike. I made good time, only having to walk in a couple of places today, and got to the drugstore at a good time. I bought a few things for myself and then headed to my school.

I had lots of time at my school before my class so I did a little reading and some prep for my student's homework. When he came we had an okay class. It wasn't great, but I think it was fine.

After class I did paperwork, checked my first class on Saturday and then texted my husband. There was no answer. Sigh. I waited 15 minutes and then sent another message. He called me back and then picked me up.

We had dinner at New York, New York and it was quite nice. We both had steak. After dinner, we just came home. I did a little channel checking on the net and found out that a show called The Listener was on, so I watched that. It seems like a low rent Tru Calling, and not quite as good. And, it was a made in Canada cheapie like Tru Calling! Later on I watched an episode of Weeds, which was interesting. I like shows like Weeds and Veronica Mars, but I never know when they're on, so I miss too much and don't get the continuity needed to stay involved. Sigh.

Well, that was my day. It was fine really. Tomorrow is a Japanese National Holiday and we both have the day off. I could have worked, but I'd rather not! I just hope we don't end up having arguments. Keep your fingers crossed for us please! Night.

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