February 12, 2010

Friday - Cooler, with a bit of snow.

I got up early this morning, and turned on the heater. I went back to bed for a snooze and then woke up a little later to a strange beeping. The heater had run out of kerosene just before the news came on. What to do? I put on a sweater and watched the news, then filled up the kerosene. The room was warm already so it wasn't too bad.

I had a good if quiet day at home. I read Thursday's paper, made a cheese and broccoli omelette for lunch that was amazing, and worked on the big "cull" for my woman's group thing. It was a lot of work, but went smoothly I think.

F came home early today as he'd had some union thing that he had to attend on his own time, so had taken time off. It ended early so he came home and slept on the couch. After a while he toddled off to bed and slept there!

Around 8 pm I went into the bedroom and woke him up. I suggested dinner, so off we went . We went to Cocos and both had the chicken with garlic soy sauce and mud pie for dessert. That was nice. Our main dish had been cleared and we were talking when F got a funny expression on his face and started looking for his wallet. He couldn't find it. He ran out to the car but it wasn't there either. Sigh. Normally it wouldn't be a problem, but I didn't have much money either. I didn't have enough to cover the bill. I remembered my school money, so I loaned F enough to pay for bill with strict instructions that as soon as we got home he was to repay me. (He did.)

On the way home, we stopped off at my school to set the heater for the morning and check how much snow was in the parking space. By the time I'd finished in the apartment, F had all but finished shovelling the snow from the space. How nice! He didn't have to do that.

We came home as we didn't have enough money to buy groceries! We watched the end of a movie that was a bit odd, then two episodes of Harper's Island. It's a bit freaky...sort of like watching a horror movie filmed around a wedding setting. I like it, but it scares me a lot!

And that has pretty much been my day. I did pop out in the early afternoon to clear our parking space at our apartment. It wasn't difficult work and the weather wasn't bad either so I was happy.

Tomorrow I have work that will keep me at the school for most of the day, and then I'm not sure what I'll do in the evening. Catch me later and find out. Night!

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