February 16, 2010

Tuesday - Sunny and cold, then snowy at night.

Today was a bit of a busy day. I got up to see the news, but of course there wasn't any because of the Olympics. I have to say I was disappointed. Still, I did my usual morning things.

While I was on my computer this morning, I watched a movie called Hamlet 2. It was rather fun, silly, and out there, but fun. I also watched CSI: New York while I ate my lunch.

I headed off to the school just before 2 pm. It had just started to snow a little but it wasn't staying on the ground. I rode my bike again today. I was glad to be able to do that as I was running late. When I got to my school, I tried to get my new water pot to work, but I couldn't figure it out. Ack. I used my old coffee maker because it was fast and easy.

Class went well and we had a good time. After the student left, I set up the coffee pot again and this time managed to get it to work. Yay. However, when I took some of the water out, it smelt really nasty. Yuck. I emptied it out and tried again. The first water out smelt a bit odd, but then it was fine. I am guessing it was the outlet system needing to be used a bit first.

My other two lessons went well today, except the mother of a student told me he wouldn't be continuing as he's going into Junior High soon. I tried to point out that I do teach Junior High students and the English in the school isn't the same as what I teach, but it sounds like she'd already decided. Sigh. Too bad. I really like that student.

After classes I finished up, cleaned up and did dishes. Then I called F and he came to get me. For dinner we went to Fireball, a little Italian restaurant that we go to sometimes. We both had pasta, I had fish and vegetables in basil sauce, and F had fish and mushrooms in Japanese style sauce. He was supposed to have pork and cabbage in a spicy sauce, but changed his mind at the very last minute. Grr. I wouldn't have had two fish sauces personally, but they were good.

We bought groceries on the way home (except they'd already put their eggs away) and then settled in to watch So You Think You Can Dance. It was okay. I still have no idea what will happen when the auditions are over. I think I'd have preferred to see American Idol again.

And that was about it for me. Tomorrow I have an evening class, but I should be busy on my computer for a while. Wish me luck with that! I'll talk to you later eh. Night.

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