February 17, 2010

Wednesday - Partly cloudy, cool, no rain or snow. Yes!

An okay day. I went to bed rather late last night and then decided this morning that I deserved an extra 30 minutes in bed. So, I slept in on purpose. It was nice. After that, I got up and got on with my day.

I watched last night's Project Runway. These designers don't seem to have a lot of personality yet. I'm sure we'll find out what it is later, but right now they are on best behaviour. I also watched Criminal Minds where Spencer's father makes an appearance, and then an episode of CSI - the orange one! I also fitted in some Ugly Betty. Whew!

In the afternoon I wrote some email to a few friends that I had been neglecting, and then I had to start getting ready for work. I had a nice lunch of omelette and then some avocado on crispbreads. Nice.

I cycled to work, stopping at the drugstore on the way. I wanted to get a couple of soup packets to keep in the cupboard for days when I can't eat much.

At the school I got ready and even did some vacuuming today. I really had let it be too long since I did it before. Still, it was done and I was glad.

My class went well and the student did better than I expected. He had review today and he seemed to remember most of what we did. After class I cleaned up, prepped a few more lessons for him and did some paperwork. Yay for me.

I called F and he picked me up. We went to the drugstore for a few essentials, then to the grocery store for a few more. Home was next.

At home I started cooking dinner right away. Tonight we had fried chicken drumsticks, gnocchi and salad. It was all quite nice. I enjoyed it and I think F did too. He did the dishes, but watched Olympics for a while first.

I watched more Ugly Betty tonight, then I tuned in for a bit of Weeds. I think the show is interesting, but I'm still trying to place the characters. F said that at the end of the show they had a disclaimer saying that it wasn't a true story and that they don't recommend selling drugs as a way to make a living, or something like that. Oh Japan....how condescending of you, but I can't say I'm that surprised. I am surprised that they didn't blank out a certain sex toy that was in the episode. I suppose sex toys aren't as bad as smoking grass?

Anyway, that's about it for me. I spent the rest of the evening watching my computer screen, not much else happened. I'll talk to you tomorrow I think. Bye!


girl Japan said...

I have my own personal thoughts on grass.. although I don't smoke it NOW but when I did, it was only socially.. and I mean our (Professor joined in too at college)...

But then it made me paranoid and HUNGRY and never touched it again... but I honestly believe that grass is no different than alcohol..

I think times are so different now, I remember when we could have some as personal use in our own property.. then they changed the laws or something back in the late 1980's...

As for other drugs.. DANGEROUS... I think they should be illegal, no doubt.. but POT... hmm..

I love the show weeds but wonder if there is the same disclaimer in N. America?

I got so mad when I saw the movie SATC and they covered up his man goods.. I mean it was just a glimpse.. but my husband gave me a love tap in the back of my head for pausing it.. haha

Helen said...

I'm a little bit of a goodie two shoes and I can honestly say I've never used grass, although I have friends who have. My husband and I have really different opinions of marijuana, so it's not a topic we bring up much (He's an ex-police officer!) as it gets quite heated.

I like the show, I just thought it was funny that they would feel it necessary to tell people it was fiction. I thought it's so over the top that it couldn't be real!

Thanks for visiting :-)