February 18, 2010

Thursday - Sunny, then rain & snow. Clear at night.

I went to bed late again last night and so overslept this morning. I wasn't too concerned about it, and dragged myself out of bed finally. I watched a bit of TV and then showered.

In the afternoon I sent more email and spent some time on my computer. Oh, and I vacuumed the apartment too. Yay. Looks much improved.

As there was nothing on TV again during the day, I watched some of Brisco County Jr, and enjoyed it. I love Bruce Campbell. He's so funny.

I made my lunch, ate and then headed off to the school. I thought it had stopped raining when I went outside, but, surprise, it hadn't. I put on my raincape and headed off. I got to the school in good time and did a check of things. Then, I read newspapers. I hadn't finished Wednesday's yet, so I read it and then read some of Thursday's. Oh, and I did the puzzle from Sunday's paper. I had started it on Tuesday, but was on the wrong track. I got my head straightened out today, and managed to finish the puzzle. Yay.

My class was fine tonight. We talked about the power of Twitter as my student has recently become a user of it, and the Olympic Games too. Then, we went back to the lesson and talked about families. Interesting.

After class, I did a quick clean up, a check of the first Saturday lesson and then I finished today's paper. I sent F a text message and then 5 minutes later another one. I waited. If he didn't answer quickly, it usually meant he was still working. Close to 9:30 I got a call from him. He'd just found my message. He was at home doing laundry. It's very annoying. I was patiently waiting in my school for him to finish what I thought was his work, but he was already done.

We had dinner in Moku-moku and it was okay. I had salmon and broccoli cream soup pasta and it was okay. It wasn't great, certainly not as great as my pasta last week. There definitely wasn't enough broccoli in it.

We came home and F watched more Olympics. I'm quite bored by the whole Olympics thing in a way. I enjoy some of the sports, but I don't know who people are and I don't care too much either! Still, some sports are fun to watch.

That's about it for today. I'm tired and I'd like to get to bed a soup├žon earlier than I did last night! Night

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