February 19, 2010

Friday - Rainy and then snowy. Very snowy.

I got up this morning at a goodly time. Really, no sleeping in. Hurray. Then, I drank some coffee and did some work on my computer. Honestly, I did some school stuff.

I had a quiet day at home. I had wanted to go out, but the weather wasn't good. In a way, it was good that I stayed home, as I got two deliveries I had been waiting for. First off, I got my birthday present from my sister. It was great! I got a t-shirt, some socks, some Kraft Mac & Cheese, a calendar, and some toothpaste. Awesome!

Later on I received my book order from my book supplier. Yes! I've been wondering when it would arrive. So glad that it came. I was hoping it would come on Tuesday, but that would have been a little optimistic, since I ordered the books on Wednesday. Less than a week? Pushing it.

I watched a lot of the Men's Figure Skating competition. It was great. I thought that the Japanese skater, Daisuske Takahashi was very good, but in all honesty, I liked Nobunari Oda better! It's just too bad that his shoelace broke.

When F came home, he had a little break while he changed. After that, we went out. First we went to the electronic store for ink for our fax machine, then to my school to drop off my books and set up the heater for tomorrow.

Then, we went to have something to eat. Our favourite okonomiyaki shop has just moved, so we went there for dinner. It was nice. Cheap and cheerful. I like that. We had gyoza and they were freshly made in the restaurant, not frozen, then 2 okonomiyaki types. We had curry cheese and kimchee. Both were good. The owner gave us coffee for free afterwards.

We got a few things at the grocery store and then came home. After a while of F watching the Olympics I asked him if he'd like some dessert, so I finally served him some mincemeat tarts and ice cream. He made coffee so we had a nice little snack. I have been dreaming about the tarts since Christmas, but on Christmas day we had too much to eat and then on New Years Eve I wasn't feeling very well. Then, F wasn't feeling very well for a while and I didn't think it was fair to give him something so unusual! Anyway, they were great. And we still have some left. Yay.

Around midnight I started watching Harper's Island. Is anyone else watching it? I am quite into it, but I'm also rather freaked out by it. There's 2 episodes tomorrow night, and about 3 next weekend.

So, basically, today was a good day, except for the snow. I'm hoping that we won't get too much more overnight or tomorrow. I'll have to do a bit of shovelling between my classes I think. Wish me luck.

That was my day. I enjoyed having a lazy day off. Night!


Desley said...

Hi Helen, de-lurking here, I enjoy reading your blog. I actually ate our mince tarts the other day too. Forgot all about them at Xmas, was nice to find them in the cupboard. Yum

Helen said...

Oh good, I'm not the only one who saved them a little longer than normal! Mincemeat tarts always remind me of home since my mum used to make them for New Year. They're so expensive to get here that I didn't want to have them get near the expiry date.

And thanks for de-lurking! It's nice to "meet" another reader :-)

GIrl Japan said...

I have not heard about the show? Can you tell me more? Since my husband made me his homemade okonomiyaki... I have not found a restaurant as good.. I know I am bias.. but it's his fault...

I LOVE when he makes them.. such and ordeal though, a lot of prep, etc.

I took off a two days this week too BAD PMS... happens every other month or so.... I LOVE mince tarts.. I couldn't find them this year. = (

Helen said...

Harper's Island is about a wedding that is taking place on an island. The entire wedding party has gone there to celebrate. The groom is played by the guy who was Henry on Ugly Betty, and his best friend is played by a British actress (she was the quiet one in The Others). Every episode someone gets killed.

7 years ago a serial killer killed 6 people on the island, including the best friend's mother. Her father, the Sheriff killed the bad guy, but now the killer seems to be back. It's a little scary. I don't like horror films, but I'm hooked on this. The whole story will be finished within 13 episodes, so it won't go on forever.

And the okonomiyaki restaurant serves Hiroshima style, with noodles in it, and it's really good. I've never had homemade, just the kind in restaurants that you cook yourself. Your hubby's sounds good!

Jupiter (foreign import store) had mincemeat tarts, or you can order them from FBC. I'd offer you some of mine, but I'm going to eat them!!!! :-)