February 20, 2010

Saturday- Cold and snowy, then finally clearing.

A good day. I got up early. Okay, not early, but definitely on time, showered and then F and I went out for breakfast. After that, we went to my school, where F proceeded to shovel snow for me. I didn't want him to, but I think he enjoyed it!

I was scheduled for 3 classes today and they were good. Well, the first two were. The final student called to say she wasn't feeling well and would take the day off. I'm sad, but I'm happy that she stayed home.

After I finished up, I called F and he came to get me. When he did, I made him come into the school, sit down, and do some figuring out. Apparently, the taxes that we thought were so simple, weren't. He'd made some dumb mistake that the people in his office caught, so we'll have to go back to the tax office and fix it. Ack.

We drove out to the mall and had dinner at a Korean bibinba place in the food court. It was rice but I enjoyed it anyway. Then we went to see It's Complicated, the movie with Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep. It was funny. There were a few parts where I could hardly breathe I was laughing so hard! And, of course, I was laughing (and I don't have a cute little titter like the Japanese women have) out loud in places, and F was trying to shush me. I think he was embarrassed, but eh by gum, if something is funny, I'm going to laugh! Overall, I enjoyed the movie, but it wasn't great cinema. A funny(for me) thing happened after the film, I was talking about Alec Baldwin and F came out with the fact that he looked like the guy from Celebrity Apprentice. I was rather impressed with that, because of course, he meant Stephen Baldwin, who is his brother. Wow! Good going F. I think Alec even showed up once didn't he?

After the movie, we drove back to Tsuruoka and went to the grocery store. F was hungry again. I wasn't too interested, but he was. We came home and then I watched my two episodes of Harper's Island. I enjoyed it, but it was a bit scary. It's a lot of fun though.

And that basically was my day. Work and then fun. Tomorrow? I have no idea, but if I don't get some sleep, I'll never find out! Night.


Anonymous said...

YAY.. glad you had fun... I'm going to see it... at least though Helen.. you don't pee yourself.... laughing so hard.

Helen said...

Not yet anyway...give me a couple of years and you never know!!

It was a hoot...when you see it, you'll know which part I meant!