February 21, 2010

Sunday - Clear but cold.

I stayed up very very late last night, and so I slept in quite late today too. It was almost one when I finally got up. F had the TV on, but not very loudly, so it didn't wake me up. Sweet of him.

We watched a bit of the bobsledding at the Olympics and it was scary. So many teams were having accidents that I didn't want to watch for much longer. So, we went out for lunch.

We had lunch at Jiro and it was nice. F had what I usually have, and I had pork with small shrimp. It was nice. However, something I ate started to irritate my tooth, so we went home after lunch so I could floss. (Note to self, put floss in handbag!) After that, we went to a hundred yen shop. I didn't find exactly what I wanted, but I found things that were okay, so that was good.

Next up, was my request. I wanted a hazelnut ice cream. Our local tourist trap sells them. Everytime I've gone there it has been just after a meal and I've been too full, but today, I just thought it was time. We went in, looked around a bit and then got our ice creams. Yum. They were so good.

F wanted to drive to the beach, so that's what we did. The beach was a mess. There was garbage everywhere, but we walked along the ocean for a couple of minutes. I was cold, surprisingly. I think it was the wind more than anything else.

After the beach trip, he drove us to Sakata. We toured the dock area, and then went to the big department store in the middle of Sakata. We hacked around there for a while and finally found a sink mat in the kitchen shop. I've wanted to get a new one for a while as ours is past it, so we got it. It also helped us avoid paying for parking, so a good deal!

F Suggested going to Udoku for dinner. It's a very fancy Japanese restaurant that we go occasionally and enjoy. I didn't know if it would be too busy, but it wasn't. We had a lovely meal of fish and steak and tempura, sashimi and a wide array of things. Presentation is all in this restaurant and our first course came out in a box that looked like a sake presentation box. We lifted it off to reveal appetizers, then lifted those down to reveal another group of appetizers for us. It was amazing to look at. We had a lovely dinner and by the end we were both really full. I told F I didn't want to think about food for two days after this!

We came home and had an okay evening at home. I watched 8 Mile, which was better than I thought it would be, but really, I'm from the wrong age and culture to get the movie.

F had some bee in his bonnet about the Olympics and got all angry about me not letting him watch them. In my opinion, that's all he's done for the last couple of days. Yes, I've watched a few non-Olympic things, but he's now watched men's skating at least twice. Enough already.

Anyway, he finally went to bed and I'm going to go soon too. I'm tired and I need to get more sleep. Tomorrow not sure what I'll do with myself. I might go shopping if the weather holds, or I might stay home and do laundry. Wish me luck! Night.

My pictures from the beach.

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