February 24, 2010

Wednesday - Warmish and sunny. Gorgeous day.

I slept in today and I wasn't supposed to, so I was a bit angry with myself. I have changed the times of my alarms for tomorrow in hope that the different schedule will make me feel a bit more like getting up. That's the plan at the moment.

F phoned me during the day to say the dentist has set up an appointment for me with the dental surgeon next month. I'm quaking in my boots, but it should just be a look-see, rather than the actual surgery. Yikes. F keeps insisting I'll have to have an MRI which I think scares me more than anything else. When they do them on Grey's Anatomy, nasty things always happen afterwards!

During the afternoon I watched some of the Women's Short Program skating. I know that there's a battle of sorts between Mao Asada and Kim Yu-na, but I was really only interested in one skater, Joannie Rochette. Her mother died very suddenly on Sunday and she had to skate today (Tuesday in Canada.) She skated her heart out and cried afterwards, and I think so did most people watching. I know I did. She's currently 3rd in the competition and hopefully will be able to stay in the medals, or even move up.

I did laundry today and also watched Project Runway (yay!) which was about making a costume for the female athletes to wear in the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics. It was a cool competition. I think the judges picked the right person to send off. I'm not sure if I'd have picked the same winner, but her outfit was okay.

Today for brunch I had something different. I made myself a breakfast burrito...I scrambled a couple of eggs and put them in a tortilla shell with some cheese. Then, I had a taco too. Yum.

I headed off for work and stopped at the drugstore. I bought myself a new eraser, amongst other things. The eraser is a plastic case with a refillable center. It looks cool. My eraser is old and I don't like it much, so this might be a good thing to have.

My class tonight was good. The student had studied a bit, but he needs to study more. Today he learned a few new words. I hope he really learned them. Next week he gets a spelling test! Ha ha!

After work, I prepped another class, did a bit of paperwork and read a bit. I called F and he came to get me. We had dinner tonight in Grado near our apartment. It was quite good. We had chicken and pork. When we finished dinner we went over to the supermarket. I had suggested a nabe for tomorrow night, but F got a bit on his high horse about using a bought base (For the record, I HATE the nabe base that he makes, it's tasteless and bitter.) So, I decided not to ask him what he'd like and decided to make something different. And I will. Tomorrow night will be a pork and veggie stirfry. So there!

We came home, and F watched skating. I didn't mind too much, the first time they showed all the Japanese and then Asian skaters, but I got a bit shirty when they started showing them again, and not even mentioning the fact that a Canadian was in 3rd place. Luckily, it was time to watch Ugly Betty so I changed the channel. It was a fun episode, fun but a bit odd. Amanda got fired, along with other staff, and it was up to Betty to arrange a meeting with someone who could back the magazine.

And that was it. My day. It wasn't too bad really. Tomorrow I have only one class again, and it's later in the evening. I don't have a lot planned for the daytime, but you never know just what will come up. Night!

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