February 5, 2010

Friday - Happy Birthday to Me!

I left off my last report around midnight. What happened as we were drinking our tea was F disappeared into the spare room and came out bearing gifts! He had two nicely wrapped packages for me. I opened one and found the DVDs I had asked for, Mamma Mia and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Hurray! Then there was a real surprise for me. The other package. I opened it and found a new handbag. It's much dressier than the one I got for Christmas, but also quite practical. I could use it to go out or even if I was invited to a wedding again. Yay!

He went to bed soon afterwards and I stayed up quite a bit longer.

This morning I got up and looked outside. I immediately wished that I hadn't! It was white again. Gah. I got up, watched news, but kind of fell asleep on it. I didn't watch Titanic which was on telly today because I hate that movie...sentimental claptrap! I watched ER from last night instead.

Later on I watched When A Man Loves a Woman which was a bit sentimental, but okay. I hadn't seen it before. A picture from the film is used in one of the texts I use at my school. I had some lunch while I watched the movie.

In the morning I had a call from my sister to say Happy Birthday. It was great to hear from her. I told her about Skype and suggested that she get it. It would be nice to talk to her more often. The call also had a special guest sending me good wishes, my nephew! He's a sweetie. In the afternoon, I had a call from my husband checking my schedule so that he could book dinner. I didn't have classes today, so I told him I was free. He made a reservation for 7 pm at our favourite restaurant. Yay.

Around 5 pm tonight I decided to stir myself. It seemed to have stopped snowing and blowing for a bit, so I went to the parking lot and shovelled snow out of our space. I did a bit around the door to the building too. The snow was really light so it wasn't too much work.

Then, I came back inside and had a quick shower. F came home just as I was finished drying my hair. He changed quickly and we were on our way.

The roads to Mikawa were horrible. There was a lot of blowing snow and it was covering ice. Traffic was crawling, but we managed to get to the restaurant early and in one piece.

We had a lovely meal at Bistro Des Pointes. We started with marinated fish, then had a hot salad with fish. That was followed by soup. I had cabbage and bacon, F had Kabocha soup. (I would have had it too, but I had it for my lunch!) Our main course was steak with veggies and either rice or gorgeous bread. Of course, we had dessert too. It was crepes filled with mikan jam, topped with chocolate and walnut ice cream, plus coffee. Oh, wow. It was so good.

We left the restaurant after F paid. We drove home and the road was still bad. There were quite big snowdrifts in places. We were careful of course, and got home in good time.

At home we had some coffee and F put on a couple of episodes of Alias Smith and Jones. It's a lot of fun.

I also did something new for me. I talked to a friend in Canada using Skype. She had been telling me that I should set it up for a bit, and I finally did. I thought I had to buy credits before I could use it, but I don't, if it's just computer to computer. Hurray.

Anyway, we're just chilling out, listening to some jazz on my computer. It's quite peaceful. Tomorrow I have 3 classes. I did have a cancellation tonight, so I won't be quite as busy as I had thought. Still, 3 is a little busier than the rest of the week.

Gotta go! Night.


Anonymous said...

GUESS What.. I just had to come by and let you know..


I'm doing a snow happy dance!!!!

Orchid64 said...

Happy birthday! :-)

I've never seen Titanic and have no interest in doing so. That always shocks my students. ;-)

Helen said...

April Marie! Hurray! Guess I'll cancel that takkyubin delivery for you :-)

Orchid 64 - Thank you!
I actually think if I had seen Titanic when it first came out rather than almost a year later, I might have liked it. By the time I saw it, there was so much hype about it that it couldn't live up to it.

Anonymous said...

Where are my manners.. sorry.. Happy Birthday = )