February 6, 2010

Saturday - Snowing and blowing....clearing a bit later on.

This morning I got up and got dressed. When F came back from the doctor we left for the restaurant. On the way there I got a couple of sandwiches because it would be a long day. We had lunch at the restaurant and then went to my school.

At the school, F and I got busy. We had to shovel snow. F took the parking space, I took the front steps. We worked hard! Poor F, when he finished was totally covered in snow. He looked like a not too hairy yeti!

I went into my school, and then went to work. I was afraid that my student and her mother wouldn't be able to make it because the weather was so bad, but they did. We had a good class and it was fun.

After her class I did up some paperwork, prepped a couple of lessons and also had my sandwiches. My 2nd class of the day had cancelled earlier in the day, so I had a huge blank on my schedule. I didn't waste it!

Around 5 I went out again and swept away more of the snow. Although there wasn't a lot of fresh snow on the ground, where I'd shovelled before was covered a little. I cleaned it up and then went back in the classroom. It was so cold today. Even in the classroom, it seemed to take forever to get warm. I had turned on the air conditioner heater and it seemed to be cooling things down rather than heating up the room. Sigh.

My last class was fine and afterwards I finished up quickly and called F to come and get me. We went to the tonkatsu restaurant and didn't have tonkatsu! We had a dish that was a mix of shabu cutlet, filet cutlet and shrimp. It was quite nice, but I'm not sure if I'll have it again.

Afterwards, we came home and watched a bit of TV. We watched the new show, Harper's Island. It was okay but a bit gruesome in places. It was funny seeing Ugly Betty's Henry play the hero on this.

The two of us had a veggie night...watched a bit of this and that on the TV. No biggie. I think we'll do the go to bed thing soon as it is almost 4 am. Sigh. Okay, that's it from me. Night!


Anonymous said...

Okay.. I do feel better that I did at least see snow outside my window.. even if it only lasted for a few hours.

My parents are getting blasted in NYC with snow... they just got 3 feet... again.

I miss those "snow days" reminds me of that movie "snow days" or "snow day" haah

I heard they canceled Ugly Betty = ( after season 4?

Helen said...

Glad you finally got snow.

I had heard that Ugly Betty was in trouble. It's too bad. I hope they don't cancel it here right away.