March 10, 2010

Wednesday - Rainy and cloudy most of the day. Snow melted though.

This just in from IMDb....Corey Haim has died. It makes me quite sad as he was one of "The Coreys" from my college days. He was funny and talented, but he took a wrong turn somewhere along the way. I liked him in The Lost Boys although he was in a few other films like Lucas and License to Drive.

My day? Was okay. I got up, watched the news and F came back from wherever he'd gone and made coffee for me. Gotta love a guy who does that! I showered and we relaxed around the apartment for a while. We went for lunch to the tonkatsu place and had a nice lunch. Afterwards we came home for a bit. I was so sleepy for a bit that I set my timer on my cell phone and got into bed. I had a 20 minute nap and felt so much better. Then, it was time to go.

We went to the hospital today. We were a little early, so we checked in, then went to the radiology department and checked in there too. We waited about 2 minutes. I'd barely gotten my book opened, let alone started to read it, when they called my name. They were a bit surprised that there were two of us, but F didn't really have to do much besides tell me not to move! I knew that already. I got on the machine, they strapped me in and I spent the next few minutes having my head examined! (I can hear my sister say, "It's about time too!") I did jump at one point because they put a voice on telling me to take a deep breath and hold it. It was in English and I think the sound of the voice surprised me so much the first time I heard it that I couldn't understand it. It took a bit to realize I could understand it! They played it again and I was prepared that time. No sweat.

I was unstrapped, I put my shoes back on, and that was that. F paid (I knew I brought him along for a reason :-) ) and we left the hospital. I go back next week for the explanation.

F and I went to Mr. Donuts for coffee then came home again for a bit. That was nice to be honest. I just wanted to spend a bit of time on my computer anyway.

Around 5 he drove me to work. At the school I changed, ate a sandwich and then got ready for my classes. Tonight, I had two. First time for a Wednesday night I think. My first class went really well. We talked about families, well, vocabulary for family members. I had to be a little careful as my student is from a single parent family and I don't know the whole story. I intro'ed the vocab using pictures of my family and that seemed to work. I do think my student got a kick out of seeing me in my younger days with my bright orange hair! My second student and I talked about ordinals tonight. It was fun and class just flew by. I tried to get her to think about when we use ordinals apart from dates. Since we just had the Olympics, I suggested we used ordinals there a lot to talk about how athletes place. It seemed to work, and we talked about (what else!) Women's figure skating!

After work I did paperwork, and then called F and asked him to pick me up. He did and we went to Grado for dinner. It was very nice tonight. I had chicken and pork. I realized afterwards that it was quite a meat heavy day for me. Sigh. Hubby had carbonara and it looked good.

We came home and watched So You Think You Can Dance, the "who goes home?" show. It was okay, except that female judge is so annoying. I kept the telly on for Weeds at 12:30 but F went to bed. He's had a day of running around after me. I think he'll be glad to go to work. Maybe!

Tomorrow I had the fire alarm inspection at the apartment in the morning and then work in the evening. It should be okay, but one class hasn't come for a while so I hope they remember what they should.

Got to go. Night!

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Orchid64 said...

It's always sad when someone dies relatively young, whether they are famous or not. I was never on the Corey train, but I was aware of the popularity of them.

I often wonder if the worst thing that can happen to people is too much early success. They're not prepared for the ride up or the ride down and it just seems to mess up their lives with a few rare exceptions.