March 11, 2010

Thursday - Sunny but cool.  

An okay day today. When my first alarm rang this morning before 9 I woke up and actually got up. It has been my experience that the fire alarm check people usually show up a little after 9 and I wanted to be ready. I got dressed, made the bed and then waited. I watched the news, with one ear listening for the doorbell. Nothing. They didn't come until 10:30 or something, so I didn't even have to get up so early. It probably was a good thing that I did though.

I had a quiet day at home and just enjoyed myself. I watched Tuesday's Criminal Minds and also Project Runway again. I know, enough already! I got crazy tired around noon and had to take a nap on the couch. I literally couldn't keep my eyes open.

I made my lunch a little early today and then headed off for my school. I wanted to do prep for the classes I had last night for next week. I usually do it the same night, but wanted to leave on time last night. That done, I checked over things for today. I prepared some receipts and then spent about 20 minutes goofing off.

My first class was a little late, but they did come. We had a surprisingly good class, considering it had been about a month since they came last. It was nice to see the students too. My second class also went well. We had some interesting talks today.

F picked me up around 10 pm. That really limits where we can have dinner so tonight we went to Marumatsu. It's a Japanese restaurant, the food is usually just so-so. Tonight I had one of their bigger meals, tonkatsu in egg and it was quite nice. I didn't hate it. F had tempura. We were fairly happy with our meals.

We bought a few groceries afterwards. I'm going to make dinner tomorrow night. I'll be away for a couple of nights and I want to have a home cooked meal before I go.

We came home and F watched that blooming Women's skating thing again. I cannot believe that they are still broadcasting it. Mao was okay, but she didn't deserve to win. Stop driving me crazy with it! (And for heaven's sake, someone please figure out how to dress her. Her costumes are awful. She's what, 18? She's dressed like she's 88. ) At one point F said that she had her "scary" face on. I told him it looked like she was constipated. It wasn't scary. Maybe constipation is scary in Japan? They do seem obsessed with bowel movements here!

That's about it for tonight. I have the day off from work tomorrow, but I have to pack my suitcase for the trip and I hope to make a trip to a bank machine and maybe run a few errands. Wish me luck with that eh?



girl Japan said...

My school let's out soon, then I'll have summer break coming up.. opps.. meant spring break...

I didn't see the figure skating with Mao.. we watched it a bit but I haven't watched NHK since...

That is funny.. obsessed with bowel movements... haha

I've just had some me time recently and was able to catch up on some movies and reviews.. finally.

Have you seen Precious yet?

Helen said...

No, Precious hasn't played up here yet. It may go straight to dvd as I don't know if it'll make our local theater. I've noticed African American stories don't play much up here (Will Smith movies excepted).

I haven't seen The Hurt Locker either...hope it'll play here soon.

I'm just tired of the whole Asian women's skating rivalry, to be honest. It's really annoying. They are both good, but the media goes overboard.

Nice to see you back again!

girl Japan said...

Thanks Helen.. small trips home really screw up my sleeping, and I was thrown right into all-things-hectic.

I got the DVD, saw it last night, I was able to get a pre-dvd release. I saw a few movies while I was back West but only a few stood out, that was one of them.

I fear I've become a movie snob...

Helen said...

Nothing wrong with being a movie snob! I am in a way, but I like watching all sorts of movies.

Lucky about the dvd! When I go home I always load up on foreign (non-English) movies because I love them, but can't read Japanese subtitles.

Thanks for visiting again. :-)