March 12, 2010

Friday - Sunny and warm, beautiful spring day.

I got up a little late this morning, but still in enough time to watch the news, or most of it! After that I putzed around, spent too much time on my computer and made a decision. A few months ago I had taped Dirty Dancing. Well, today was the day that I watched it. It was fun. I hadn't remembered how sexual everything was, but I enjoyed it. Patrick Swayze wasn't a great actor by a long chalk, but he was a good dancer!

After the movie finished I decided to go to the bank. I rode off, made a couple of deposits and a withdrawal and then went to the mall. I walked around the 100 yen shop for a bit, but didn't buy anything. After that, I went and had a tea in Doutors. A tea and a nice brisk sit. I read one of my magazines and felt at peace for a bit.

I went home and ended up watching a not very good Jean-Claude Van Damme film, and then F came home in the middle of it. When he came home he wasn't very talkative, and said he was tired. He went to bed and slept for a couple of hours. This wasn't very good for me. I had planned to cook dinner and I wanted to go out to the apartment to set the heater and to the drugstore. I worked on the food prep. I didn't have to do too much, just cut up the veggies, but that does take a bit of time.

When I was ready, I asked him if he'd get up for dinner and he said yes. I started cooking and asked him to make some coffee for us. He did that and then just as I was putting the food on the plates he made a move to turn on the TV. I asked him not to and he got angry and stormed back into the bedroom. Now, he could have just said that there was something in particular that he wanted to watch, but he didn't. Because I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon and won't be back until Monday night I was hoping that we could have a nice peaceful dinner together. If the TV is on, I have dinner with his neck. He wouldn't eat his dinner, and wouldn't even have the coffee that he made. Fine!

I ate, and then cleaned up. I put the leftovers in the fridge. I have the sad suspicion that they'll still be there when I get back on Monday. Since he was still ensconced in the bedroom, I took myself off by bicycle in the dark to set up my heater. I came home.

He came back out, got some food from the store, and then had a slurpy dinner in front of the TV. Watching Olympics. (Didn't they finish???) He left so I turned off the TV. After his bath he went back to bed and shut the door. It's very annoying as it means the bedroom will be cold when I go to bed.

Anyway, I'm going to go to bed soon. I'm also going to Niigata tomorrow for a couple of days. I'll most likely be back on Monday night. No need to miss me too much! Night and later eh!

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