March 16, 2010

Tuesday - Rainy, clear for a bit, rainy with thunder later on.

Today was a good day. I was at home for much of the day. I relaxed. I gave my feet some TLC as they were horribly dry and sore, unpacked my suitcase from the big whoop.

I went to work a little early and did some prep for later in the week. I also prepped for today's lesson then read most of yesterday's paper and a bit of Sunday's too. When my student came, we had a fun lesson.

After class I cleaned up, did paperwork and then read more of Sunday's paper. It was getting late, so I called F and asked him to pick me up. He did, and we had a nice dinner in Grado. Tonight I had pasta, the fettucine with salmon, shrimp and ikura that I like soooo much. It was terrific.

We came home and watched So You Think You Can Dance. The judge wasn't quite as annoying tonight. I keep thinking the dancing isn't as good as the judges do though. I'm not sure what their criteria is. We did enjoy the show.

I have to keep this brief as I'm off to the dentist at the hospital again tomorrow. It's to find out the results of my CT and I'm assuming to see if and when I can have the surgery. Wish me luck! Night.

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