March 19, 2010

Friday - Clear and sunny, but a little cool.

Today was good. I got up, even though I went to bed really late last night, watched the news and then thought about going back for a nap but didn't. I had a quiet day at home.

I watched a movie in the afternoon, one I'd taped last week. It was Lars and the Real Girl. I liked it! It was a character piece about a man who had trouble relating to people. He showed up at his brother's house one night with a blow up doll that he said was his fiancee. Instead of having him committed, his brother, pregnant sister-in-law and eventually the entire town went along with it. It was a charming little movie. No car chases, no special effects, just an interesting story.

In the afternoon I made my lunch. I had a box of the Kraft macaroni and cheese that my sister sent for my birthday. It was soooo good! It's funny the silly things that you miss from home.

When F came home we chatted for a bit. He was changing his clothes and the doorbell rang. It was for me! My friend in Tokyo had sent me a box of yummy things. I got some Triscuits and hot chocolate and a movie. Yay! Thank you so much :)

F went off to have a massage for his back, and then when he came back we went out for dinner. After the last two weeks where I cooked dinner on Friday and it turned into a disaster, I decided that I wasn't cooking anymore on Fridays. In fact, I may not cook ever again! The restaurant that we finally agreed on has a good menu and we both had filet pork cutlets. It was nice. We came home via the gas station and the school.

When F came home tonight he suggested going away for the weekend. It's a long one here in Japan, so he suggested either Niigata or Sendai. I'd just been to Niigata, so Sendai was doable I thought. I tried booking a two night stay in one hotel, but I couldn't, so I tried another tack. I booked one night in Sendai, and one night in Yamagata city. Yamagata city is 2 hours away from here, on the road to Sendai, so makes an okay stop. Besides, we're planning to leave after my work on Saturday, so it'll be really late when we get there.

That was my day! Nice goodies, mac & cheese, good movie and some peace and quiet. Night.


Girl Japan said...

YAY for you Helen!!! OH.. aren't those edible crackers just divine? LOVE Them!

OMG did I miss you b-day again? OH NO... What movie will you be watching? Can' wait to hear all about it.

Helen said...

Yes, I love Triscuits! They are great.

Don't worry about the b-day, it was back in present arrived a little late from Canada.

We ended up going to see a couple of movies this weekend, guess you'll have to read my next entry.

Thanks for visiting :-)