March 23, 2010

Tuesday - Rainy and cold, clearing later in the day.

Today was quite a good day. I got up in time to watch the news, then showered and spent some catch up time with my computer. I spent so much catch up time that I almost forgot to cook my lunch before work!

I rode off to work but did a couple of errands on the way. I went to the bank machine to make a deposit and get my passbook updated, then paid a bill for hubby at the convenience store. Of course, as soon as I came out of the store, the rain started to come down heavily! It didn't last too long and I made it to work without getting completely soaked.

At the school I checked my set up and then did a bit of dusting and prep. My student came and we had a good lesson. We didn't get through as much as I wanted but what we did get through was good. She's a bit of a talker and so am I, so we enjoy seeing each other.

After class, I checked her homework and then got busy again. I had decided a couple of days ago that I would do up my financial books today, so that's what I did. It wasn't too bad at all, just I hadn't done it this year yet. I like doing bookkeeping, and I'm fairly organized (7 years as a bank teller had some effect after all!) It was easy, just time consuming.

My other student of the day came on time and we had a good lesson. We finally finished up the page of the text we've been working on.

After class I did paperwork and cleaned up, then I called F. He got home late and wasn't changed yet, so he changed and then picked me up. We were going to go for noodles (not exactly my choice, but my tooth is sore again soooo...) but the places were all closed. We ended up going for pasta at Trenta. It was good. I think I'll have F's dish next time! We were the only customers and sneaked in just before last order. We did leave before the closing time, but I still felt a little guilty.

We came home and watched So You Think You Can Dance. It was quite good tonight and I enjoyed most of the dances. I wasn't sure if I'd watch the show tonight or not. I've been thinking to stop watching, but F said it was okay.

So that's it. Tomorrow I'm back to the hospital to get that bloomin' tooth out. I'm a trifle nervous, but hopefully all will go well. I've had enough of dentists for the year, but I have to see another dentist on Saturday. Eek. Gotta go. Night!


girl Japan said...

Try not to worry Helen, is the dental surgeon at the hospital, verses at the dental office?

I went to a surgeon but at his office, let them know how nervous you are, and ask for something to keep your nerves calm, have hubby in there to chat with you if you can and oxygen always helped me.

I had a valium when I got my teeth pulled... I wanted more but the dr. only gave me two

Helen said...

It was at the hospital and it was ....horrible.

Hubby was there to translate for me, He's not the kind of person you want idly chatting in this situation. He always tells me too much information!

Thanks for the message...I appreciate it :-)