March 24, 2010

Wednesday - Cloudy.

Egads! Today was not the best day for me. I got up on time, watched the news, did some computer stuff. F came back from his doctor and we went out for lunch.

We did our usual running around trying to find a decent lunch to eat, and failing miserably. After our first two choices didn't pan out, we went to a buffet lunch at a farmer's market/spa place. It was okay. Some of the food was great, some was okay, and all of it was cold.

We came home for a bit, I watched Project Runway. I think the right person was sent home this time, although I thought she was quite cool.

We went over to the hospital, checked in and then the evilness began. F had a big long talk with the dentist about if I really needed to get my tooth out or not. I was hoping not, but if I had to do it I really wanted to get down to it. I won't go into too many details but it was bloody painful! The tooth came out, but part of the root broke off so the dentist had to go fishing for it. Ouch.

We picked up my medicine at the pharmacy (Not in the hospital...what kind of weirdness is that?) and came home. I took a couple of pills and went to bed. I was extremely glad that I had cancelled my classes today. F had thought I would be able to teach them. I didn't. I was right. Basically we slept (yes, I had company!) until after 9 at night.

Then we went out. I went to my school to set the heater for tomorrow and F picked up my bike. On the way home we stopped at the grocery store and F got some food. I had been looking forward to making some cream of mushroom soup for myself, but he bought me pumpkin potage. Guess what I ate. Pumpkin potage. It was good, but had corn in it and I really was just jonesing for my Campbells! Poor hub. Sometimes he just doesn't get it.

The rest of the evening was quiet. I ate/drank my soup, had medicine, watched So You Think You Can Dance and then Weeds a bit later.

Now I'm off to bed again as I'm really tired. Night!


girl Japan said...

OH NO.. the root broke??? They didn't give you more Novocain, did he ask you to raise your hand if you feel pain? NO?? What????

Okay, besides that.. IT'S OVER.... will you be home for a few days eating soup.. did they give you the whole.. don't drink from a straw or suck in... since they need that area to clot?

When I had mine done, I milked it, loved being babied, and had porridge rice soup.. I remember my ex-husband telling me HOW proud he was of me... all I wanted was a lollypop...


Trisha said...

Yikes! Sounds really painful. I hope that the pain medicine is working for you and that you feel better tomorrow. Take care!

Helen said...

The medicine is working a bit, but it still hurts. I can take more, but I have to teach tonight so don't know how it'll affect me.

Thanks for visiting Trisha! I appreciate it.

Girl Japan - Thanks...They did tell me to raise my hand, but it wasn't too bad until they started grinding down the bone. Then it got really painful. Not only that, but by that point, I knew it had to be done. Sigh.

I don't know how to milk it really. Hubby is doing his best for me! I'll try to relax a bit more at home.

I think it'll be soup for me for a day or two. I'm not a big rice fan.