March 27, 2010

Saturday - Snowy and rainy in the morning, clearing in the evening.

Today is the 13th anniversary of my arrival in Japan. I can hardly believe that I have been here for so long. To read about my arrival just go here.

Today I got up and watched the news, then showered. We watched another documentary on NHK about a choirmaster who is trying to give a small town pride in itself. It was quite inspirational. I've never been in a choir. My university had one, but I wasn't a singer in those days, and I wasn't (and am not) a particularly religious person so didn't think I belonged in a choir. Now I'd probably give it a go!

F and I went out for brunch. Today we went to Cocos instead of Gusto. It was a nice change and I think we both enjoyed it. He dropped me off at my school and I got to work.

I was quite busy today. I had 4 classes, and they all happened. However, the third student of the day only came for 20 minutes which was sad, but at least she put in an appearance. One of the students finished her lessons today too. It was sad to see her go. Although she's fairly low, she was quite good at communicating or getting her idea across. She made me some lovely coasters as a goodbye present, which are far too nice to use as coasters!

After my last class I cleaned up the school fairly quickly, did paperwork and then called F to come and get me. He did, bless him!

We had dinner in a Japanese restaurant, which wasn't really my choice, but I have to admit, was good! We had a noodle-tempura-sushi combo meal and it was yummy. I'm still very much on soft food, so it was perfect. I had udon and F had soba.

We came home and watched Transporter, so I got my Jason Statham fix for the week. Mmmm. Jason Statham. He's on my wish list...and he's laminated!!! The movie finished and I quickly switched it over to the Sarah Connor Chronicles. That show is interesting and weird.

And that was my day. I still have quite a bit of pain from my mouth. It has been bleeding a bit and I still take the painkillers from the dentist.

No plans for tomorrow. Hopefully will just take it easy for a change. I need a day like that! Night.

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