March 30, 2010

Tuesday - Snowy, then clearing and sunny.

Unbelieveable! I woke up this morning to a world of white. Our parking lot was covered in snow. It wasn't deep, just a couple of inches, but still. It's nearly April. Does Madame Earth know what she's doing?

Today F and I had to go back to the hospital to see how my gum was doing. Despite me not thinking it was doing that well, the dentist said it was. It's healing well he said. He did give me a few more pain pills which was nice of him, I guess. After that, F and I went to pick up my medicine.

We had lunch in the Washington Hotel. They have a very cheap and cheerful lunch. It was 700 yen each and we both had the same thing. Beef Stroganoff and soup. It came with as much salad as we wanted, plus cake and coffee or Japanese tea. The Stroganoff was tomato based, rather than the cream style I grew up on, and it was served with rice rather than noodles. I'm not sure why it was called Beef Stroganoff! The soup was a warmish, solid cross between chowanmushi and clam chowder. The best thing about the lunch today was the view. We were on the 8th floor so it was rather nice. The weather changed often and we got to see it all.

We went to S-Mall to buy my bus tickets for the weekend, then came home. F was supposed to go to work in the afternoon, but he kept putting it off. Finally he left.

I had a quiet time at home until it was time to go. I decided to go a little after 4 pm as I had two evening classes and wanted to do some prep for one, AND run some errands. I stopped at a convenience store and bought some sandwiches and then the drugstore to get sweetener and munchies.

I got to my school and got to work. I prepped the class, ate my sandwiches and then waited for my student. And waited. And waited some more. After 10 or so minutes I called her. She was busy at work and had forgotten our class. Oops. We'd scheduled it on Saturday so I thought she'd remember. Oh dear.

My second class did happen and went well. We talked about people who are sort of psychic vampires, the kind who are always depressed and make you feel depressed too. She talked about her ex-customers and I mentioned an ex-student who was a bit like that.

F and I had dinner tonight at Fireball and it was really good. We had a pointcard that gave us a free pizza tonight so we had that plus some pasta. The pasta we chose was chicken and tomato cream sauce. The pizza (we couldn't chose it) was meat with avocado, mizuna and wasabi mayonnaise. It was amazing. So good. We really enjoyed our meal tonight. The restaurant is a little bit like a diner, but ever since we've started going there, we've been impressed by the food. Tonight's dinner was even cheaper than our lunch! Hurray for that.

We came home and watched So You Think You Can Dance. I think we'd both like the show a bit more if that one judge would just stop screaming! Some good routines today.

And that was about that. F has to work tomorrow, but luckily I have the day off. I have errands to run though and I'll have to watch tonight's episode of Project Runway. Got to go! Night.

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