March 5, 2010

Friday - Rainy, then cloudy most of the day.

An okay day today. I got up a little late and was happy to discover that my hubby had made a pot of coffee before he'd gone to work. That meant I could watch the news and have coffee. I also finished my novel, Caravan. I really liked it.

During the day, I didn't do that much. I didn't go anywhere, I just stayed in. I did decide to attack my mound of stuff next to my computer desk. I got quite a lot cleaned out. I also shredded a bunch of papers with personal information on them. Hurray for me.

When F came home, we had coffee and then went out for a cheap and cheerful dinner at a little Japanese place nearby. After that, we went over to the school to set the heater for tomorrow.

We came home and watched the last two episodes of ER and then turned over to watch Milk. It's still on. It's good, I just wish I had seen it from the beginning.

Well, tomorrow will be an early day as I have to go back to the doctor. There may have been some reduction in the swelling on my knee, but it isn't back to normal.

I have four classes scheduled tomorrow, so I should be a little busy. My students are all nice though, so it'll be fine. I hope to see you all tomorrow night. Later!

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