March 6, 2010

Saturday - Rainy and then cloudy most of the day.

Early start to the day. I got up early so I could go back to F's doctor. Big mistake. Yes, because of me we left a few minutes late and horror of horrors, the nurse had already called our names. It's not like they waited for us and made everyone else wait too. Anyway, I got my 2 minutes with the doctor and I'm basically fine as I knew anyway. Sigh. I was ignored and then bitched at for several hours over being 10 minutes late. Nice.

We had a quick and not very fun brunch in Gusto before I was left at my school. I got busy right away. I had a very busy day. I did have 4 classes today. Everyone came, pretty much on time and classes went well.

After I finished up my paperwork and cleaning, I sent F a text message to say I was done. While I was waiting I finished the novel that I started this morning in the Doctor's office, Uncertain Voyage (What one might take if you see a doctor in Japan?? Bah ha ha!)

Half an hour later I sent another text message and got a call back. F. picked me up and took me to dinner to a pretty good place. I had chicken again and he had curry. Then, we came straight home. At home, he disappeared into the bedroom and stayed there for a couple of hours with the door closed. I only found out he wasn't sleeping when I went in to get my pajamas. I offered a drink which wasn't accepted, but he did come through to the living room and things got a lot friendlier.

Spent the last couple of hours watching skating from the Olympics.

No idea what we'll do tomorrow. I'm not too fussy really. I don't mind staying in or near home. Next weekend I'll be going away so a homey weekend suits me fine.

Gotta go. Night.

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