March 7, 2010

Sunday - Cloudy, bit of rain.

Warning....ranting ahead. Read at own peril.

Today was an odd day. I really wish that I'd stayed in bed and not gotten out at all. I remember getting up early to use the washroom, only my husband was in it already. When I tried talking to him afterwards I was ignored. I went back to bed and slept on. When I woke up later, I heard the TV on. I didn't know what was on, but I could hear that it was Morgan Freeman's voice. The man's voice is pretty easy to identify. I was sleepy but interested. I made a noise and immediately the TV was turned down. I said loudly that he didn't have to turn down the TV and asked what was on. Next thing I know, the TV was turned off and F left the apartment. HUH?

Really confused, I got up, got dressed and then phoned him to say that I thought he'd misunderstood me. I wasn't upset about the TV and didn't understand what was going on. He came back after a bit, but went to bed and closed the door.

To make a long story somewhat shorter, apparently when F had gotten up early (around 7:00 am) I had shouted at him for making too much noise so he thought I was angry with him. Say what? I have no memory of what he's talking about. Instead of telling him to take a flying leap like I wanted to, I said I was sorry, but had no memory of the incident. Somewhat mollified, we went out to pick up my ring, which was now ready.

After picking up the ring we began a comedy of errors. We wanted to have lunch in the Hotel's restaurant attached to the mall, but they had closed. Then F suggested another place that I've heard you need reservations for. We got there just after two and there was an "Open" sign on the door. I told him that it was probably closed, but wasn't believed. We went into the restaurant only to be told they were closed. Then we tried Cocos but they were busy, so we went to Kintaro sushi. It was okay, but not really great.

As we left the restaurant I asked F what he wanted to do next. He said he wanted to take my movie magazines to Book-Off. Huh? Today? Out of the blue like that? We've talked about it, sure, but he's never said when. So we dutifully go to my school and bundle up a bunch of my Empire magazines to take to the resale place. I took along some of my old fashion magazines too. I told him that if Book Off offered me something ridiculous like 10 yen per Empire I wouldn't sell them. I love those magazines and I'd rather give them away to someone who would appreciate them. 10 yen would be an insult. Well, we get there and have an argument in the parking lot. I suggested to F that we not take in the entire amount of Empire, but just a small sample. The reason? Once they're all in the store, if they suggested a ludicrous amount, it would be harder to say no. So although I know his first impulse was to leave me standing in the parking lot with three very heavy bags of magazines, he did listen finally. We took two in, plus some of my fashion magazines. Well, they offered 10 yen for the Empires so I said no. They also offered 10 yen for the fashion magazines, but I was fine with that. I don't really care about them and they do get out of date quickly. I ended up getting slightly more than 10 yen for each of my magazines, so I made the grand total of 480 yen. I'll try finding new homes for the Empire magazines on Tell and Sell or something.

We took the magazines back to my school and I'll get to have fun on Tuesday putting them away again. Blooming heck I wish he'd given me some warning before he came up with that particular brainwave.

We had coffee and things gradually got warmer, then came home and watched the first two episodes of Firefly. I enjoyed seeing it again. I'm not sure if F got the whole thing. He may never become a Browncoat.

We had dinner in Cocos and then bought groceries afterwards. I'll try cooking tomorrow night. I think the secret to not getting angry with him in the grocery store is just to decide what I want to make for dinner the next night, not ask him what he'd like. I either get the usual ramen/udon/soba crap answer, or more usually, "I don't know." This may not be a nice thing to say, but I've just about had it with Japanese food and I don't have much interest in it. The whole noodle thing just grosses me out these days. I do like pasta, but it tastes different every time, depending on the sauce. Noodles just taste the same to me, boring and blah. I really hate just about everything about them, and it's exacerbated by the fact that my husband wants them every. single. meal. He would eat noodles 3 times a day if he had his druthers.

We came home and had a quiet evening at home. He put on the TV and found some stuff in English, but it wasn't stuff I wanted to watch, so when he took his bath I turned it off. When he came back he turned the TV back on. To 24. Now I would probably like 24 if I ever got to see more than one episode of it, but I never do so when he went to bed and left the TV on, I asked him to turn it off again. Just cause a program is in English doesn't mean I want to watch it.

So, as you can see, a pretty bad day. F is having backache with the bad weather and my gum infection is rearing again. It's not much fun around here. I realize that half of our problem is that neither of us is in great condition, but....

Tomorrow is my most hallowed of movie fan days, the Academy Award show. As usual since I moved to this weird planet Japan, I haven't seen most of the films, and the ones I have weren't worthy of notice (except for technical awards and yes, I'm talking to you Avatar!) Even though I haven't seen The Hurt Locker, I'm hoping for Kathryn Bigelow to win best director....I'm a big fan of some of her other films.

I'm getting out of here...too grumpy to continue! Night.


Orchid64 said...

Like you, I'm not over the moon about Japanese food, and I really have never cared for noodles much at all (not even back home). I will eat pasta, but it isn't my first choice.

I think the idea that we should be nuts for Japanese food just because we live in Japan is rather wrong-headed. After all, if a Japanese person lived in the U.S., no one would judge them for not loving American food and preferring their indigenous cuisine. It's a weird situation here where we're supposed to be Japanophiles and assimilate or we're viewed with disdain. Also, even if I did love all Japanese food (I love some of it, don't care for a lot of it because of a dislike of seafood in general), it'd be so mundane now that it would have lost all of its appeal. :-p

I'm sorry that you had a bad day!

Helen said...

Thanks Orchid. Just knowing that I'm not "weird" helps a lot!

Food! I didn't realize that it would be such a controversial subject when I got married. I am so glad we moved out of his mum's house though. It was fish every night. I liked fish before, but I like real fish...not the kind with tiny bones and no flesh. Am not much of a fan anymore.

Thanks for visiting!