April 1, 2010

Thursday - Cloudy then very rainy.

Got up almost on time to watch the news this morning. I'm not liking these early get ups. I had been up for a couple of minutes when the doorbell rang. Did I answer it? Of course not! I never do unless I'm expecting something. Might have been the new neighbour saying hello, might have been an axe murderer, and me in my pajamas. What would the newspapers make of that?

Last night F sweetly set up the coffee pot for me. I switched it on this morning, but nothing happened. He'd put the coffee in, but not any water. I tell you. Maybe that was his idea of an April Fools joke?

I had an extremely lazy around the house day. I didn't even update my Facebook page, that's how lazy I was. Sigh. I did just before I went to work though.

I rode to work in the rain. It was really coming down. I had planned to stop somewhere, but decided to go to my school and park my bike first. I did that, dropped off my backpack, grabbed my wallet and set off for the nearby cake shop. I went there for the first time ever and got a couple of gorgeous looking cakes from the bakery. I came back to my school, stuck them in the fridge and got on with my work.

When my first two students came we had a good class. It was fun today. We did review and I had them doing roleplays and generally using the things I've taught them over the last while. It was okay. They left and I set up for my next class.

The student in my last class had a birthday yesterday. It seemed that she felt it was a bit traumatic AND she didn't have any special plans for her day. I know (from personal experience, believe me) that Japanese men aren't always great at planning things, so I had bought the cake for her. When she came, I told her there was cake and offered her the option of either a) eating it in the classroom or b) taking it home and sharing it with her husband. Happily for me, she chose a). Yay. I got out the cakes, some plates and forks and I let her pick which piece she wanted. I had gotten two pieces of chocola cake, but they were different styles. We had a nice time eating cake and talking about what she did for her birthday and then starting the lesson. I have no idea how her cake was (she said it was good) but mine was amazing. I think it was one of the best cakes I've ever had.

After her class, she went home, and I cleaned up, did paperwork, and checked my prep for Saturday. F called me and then came to pick me up.

Tonight's dinner was courtesy of Grado. I had the meat combo and it was very nice. Chicken and pork. The chicken was in a basilico sauce and I'm still hiccuping up the sauce. Maybe there were green peppers in it too? F had fish. His looked good, but a little small.

We came home and had a really quiet evening. He watched some stuff on telly, but I wasn't watching so I have no idea what it was.

Tomorrow I'm off work. If I have time I'll go out. Correction. I'll have time, it's more to do with if I have the wherewithal to get out of the apartment. And the weather. Although I'm sure it's going to rain. Anyway, wish me luck! Talk to you later. Night.

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