April 10, 2010

Saturday - Sunny I think!

A good and busy day.

I was awakened this morning at 5am. I mention this because I was awakened yesterday at 5 am too. Yesterday, someone knocked his glasses over the bed's headboard, which necessitated moving the bed. That would be easier with me out of it of course. Today, someone decided to start up his computer at 5 am. Seriously hon? 5 AM? It's rather noisy.

I got up to watch the news but found baseball instead. Yuck. I didn't watch it. I took a shower instead.

We had a nice and quick breakfast at Gusto, then F dropped me off at my school and I got to work. My first hour wasn't too bad, except I tried to change some of the flowers in my school and I knocked my thermometer to the floor. It's gone. Sigh. It wasn't a cheap one either so I'm rather ticked at myself. Classes all went well today, and all three students came. Hurray for that.

In my "free" time I was busy making up renewal sheets, prepping lessons and filing. I really didn't get to sit down very much. I didn't relax either! I even did my dishes early so I could leave soon after 7pm.

I called F at 7:15 and asked him to pick me up so we could go out to Mikawa and see a movie. He did. We had a quick dinner at Yoshinoya and then drove out to the mall. We went in right away and saw Shutter Island with Leonardo DiCaprio. I quite liked it. I'm still thinking about it and what everything meant. There were quite a few good actors in it too. Hurray for ensemble casts with talent.

After the movie, we were a bit hungry, so we headed back to Tsuruoka and went to McDonalds. It was...McDonalds. My hamburger tasted okay, but was a bit cold.

We came home afterwards and I watched Little Britain. It was funny, but as always sometimes a little unfunny too. I do pick up quite a few of the Western culture jokes that go over F's head too. For example, there was a school called The Kelsey Grammar School, or a pub called The Scarecrow and Mrs. King. I actually wrote a letter to a friend on Friday mentioning that show so I was a little surprised.

Anyway, that was my day. Oh, F, when he was alone, got himself a new haircut (it looks good) and booked us a couple of nights away in hotels during Golden Week. Hopefully that will be a good thing.

I've got to get some sleep. I'm very tired! Night.

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