April 12, 2010

Monday - Very rainy in the daytime, clearer at night.

This morning I was awakened at 5:30 by my husband. He was still sleeping, but was trying to find my hand in his sleep. He bumped my arm a few times with his hand, and then even after he got my hand out of the covers, continued to squeeze it every couple of minutes. Weird. I asked him about it tonight but he said he wasn't sleeping. Oh really? I think he was!

This morning I did originally wake up early and even got up for a bit, but went back to bed and slept in quite late. I got up, dressed and watched the news after a bit.

Then, I got busy. I grabbed the vacuum and gave the apartment a good going over. It really needed it. I even changed the vacuum bag, so I was really in the swing of things. Then, I went out to the lobby of our apartment building. Once every 3 months we're supposed to clean the inside of the building. The apartment dwellers are responsible for sweeping and just keeping it tidy inside. F usually does it because, well, I don't. It's a combo of "Are you kidding me?" and "I don't DO housework." Anyway, I did a lot of sweeping today and even went upstairs. I've never been up there before. I did things that hubby wouldn't think of, like get down the cobwebs. Yay me.

I watched most of my weekend's telly today. Hurray, CSI Las Vegas is back. No more Mr. Orange for a bit. I made myself a lovely omelette today with smoked process cheese in it. That was quite a nice taste sensation.

F came home just a bit before 7. He was tired. He wanted to go out for dinner right away, so we did. We went to Fireball, but it was closed today. Instead, we dropped off some things at my school (since we were close by) and then drove over to Moku-moku. On the way there I suggested that we go to Cafe Framboise instead, so that's where we ended up. It was very nice. I had steak, F had their Japanese set dish. Mine was yummy.

After dinner we bought a few groceries and then came home. We didn't watch much TV for a while, but I wanted to watch the third Underworld film. I'm a completist that way. It wasn't great, but it's quite amusing to see Bill Nighy and Michael Sheen in this sort of trash.

And that's about it. F went to bed and I watched The Peep Show, which was a bit amusing, but not more than that. It's an odd show. I've notice that WOWOW doesn't show really good British comedies. And it doesn't show US ones at all. I think they should run Corner Gas...that would confuse everyone except us prairie people!

Gotta go, night!

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