April 14, 2010

Wednesday - Cold and very windy. A little hail along the way.

We both went to bed very very late last night. I started watching The Onion Movie which was silly but quite funny in places, and F watched right along with me. He went to bed about 3:30 and I followed a little later. I had really just planned to tape the movie, but didn't.

This morning it was very hard to get up, but I had to do it anyway. I had an appointment at the hospital. F and I had a bit of toast before we left for the hospital. In the car on the way there, I checked for my insurance card and hospital card, but my wallet wasn't there. I finally got F to stop the car and turn around. He doesn't always understand what I mean. I knew exactly where my wallet was, so we weren't delayed for long.

The hospital was fine and we were in and out of there reasonably quickly. I think I'm done there for now. If my wisdom tooth does act up, I may have to go again to get it out, but if not...I'm all for leaving it in place. Now to find a regular dentist to make a bridge for me. Oh joy. Thankfully F has finally realized that I'm not just talking out of my hat when I say that I don't want to go back to the dentist he always made me go to before.

We had a late breakfast/early lunch at Cocos. It was fine, and then we came home for a bit. We had a snuggle and then F had to leave for work.

I watched my Tuesday night TV, Criminal Minds and Project Runway and then the tail end of Octopussy. I surfed around and found a few things on TV but nothing that was really interesting. Before I left for work, I made myself a snack of scrambled eggs on English Muffin. Yum.

The ride to work was happily uneventful today. It was cold however. Really cold. The wind was very strong and made bicycling a lot of work.

At school I got ready, checked my set up, and then read the paper. I stopped a few minutes before class time to get my personal stuff done --toothbrushing, lipstick on, hair combed, etc and it was a darn good thing I did. My student showed up 10 minutes early. I let him in and his mother was with him. With a lot of sign language and sort of understanding on my part, we worked out that my student's club day is changing and so he has to change his class time and day. Sigh. After today, he's going to come on Thursday. It's a day when I have 2 other lessons so I think it might be a bit stressful as he's not always the best student. (Although, to be fair, he has improved greatly in the last year or so.)

My second student came too and we had a good class. She's renewed and will stay with me for a bit longer so I'm quite pleased. I did ask if she wanted to start coming earlier on Wednesdays, but she didn't think so. Sigh. I asked her to talk about it with her mother. I would like to get out of there a little earlier if I could on Wednesdays, and I would have thought she would too!

F picked me up after nine and we went to New York, New York for dinner. I had chicken, F had udon. Quelle suprise. He's on this major noodle kick and frankly it's grossing me out. I just don't want to eat Japanese noodles anymore and it seems to me that it's all he wants to eat. I have a fairly big suspicion that my beloved had noodles at home when he was waiting for me to finish work. I think he's going to turn into a big old noodle!

At home we had a bit more snuggle time, before I watched So You Think You Can Dance. I was sad about the male dancer, not so much about the female one. F basically fell asleep in bed. I tried to get him to take his bath, but he wouldn't. He's moved to a new position at his work and he's having a hard time of it. His predecessor didn't set him up well...left him a floppy disk to use in the office...none of the office computers use floppy disks anymore...that kind of thing. He's stressing out and doesn't know how to handle it. His back/neck never does well when he's under stress either. Sigh.

Tomorrow, F has a party after work. Originally he told me it was an overnighter so I had planned a fun evening for myself, but it isn't overnight after all. I'll be coming home from work and dinner out (going to treat myself) and he'll probably be home by then. Sigh.

Anyway, I've got to get some sleep sometime, so I'll say goodnight then. "Goodnight then."

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