April 15, 2010

Thursday - Cold but sunny. Windy.

A good day. I went to bed quite late last night too. I wasn't tired for ages and then suddenly I was. I got up at an okay time, but took an extended nap right afterwards so I suppose it wasn't such a good thing.

In the afternoon I did some work on my computer. I made a new schedule for me to show students if they want to move classes around. I really should take a copy of it to the school.

This afternoon I made another kabocha omelette but I did some tweaking on it. I thawed the squash first, then after I heated it I mashed it with some butter and cinnamon, then put it in my omelette with some cheese. Yum. Much better than the one from a couple of days ago.

I headed off for work a little after 5. I had planned to go earlier, but the end of Red Cliff was on and I found myself watching it. Some of the stunt work was amazing and I couldn't leave! The end part was very exciting and even though it was in a language I don't understand (Chinese) with subtitles in a language I can't read (Japanese) I didn't want to turn off the TV. Some day maybe I'll pick up the DVDs in Canada or something.

The ride was easy but a bit cold. I stopped at the drugstore on the way there for some soup pasta for Saturdays at my school. It's a long time to be there without a snack.

My class tonight went quite well. The girls were in a good mood and we all had fun. It was basically just greetings, but I think they learned a little. As they won't be able to come next week, I sent them off with a book each. The older one got a Starter level book, the younger one got a children's ESL book. I hope they can try reading them.

I spent an hour or so tonight doing paperwork and checking lessons for next week. I took my time and tried to relax. I got a message that annoyed me a bit though. My husband texted me that he was leaving his party early. Hmm.

Okay, back up a bit here. Last Sunday, he told me that he had an overnight party on Thursday. I was thrilled to be honest. I'd get to have a quiet evening in our apartment, could go out for dinner by myself (without the ubiquitous question about did I want soba) and then maybe even watch a nice film at home by myself. Then Tuesday he told me it wasn't overnight. He'd be coming home afterwards. Okay, whatever. My plans for a fun night came crashing down. Then on Wednesday, he announced he wasn't even going to drink at his said party. Well, he already wrecked my plans...I didn't care. So, I planned that since he would have already eaten, I would take myself out for my dinner as previously planned, and then come home by bicycle. I didn't tell him this. He was supposed to be out at a party, having a good time.

After the text came I was worried in case he decided to pick me up after work. I really didn't want that. So, I left as soon as I could and biked to Gusto. I had a nice dinner there, and I read my book and tried to relax. I managed quite nicely too.

I bicycled home, locked my bike up in the terribly dark bike shed and then came into the apartment. Or tried to. The door was barred. Sigh. I got him to open up and then I was home. Since he ate something later, I guess that he really didn't eat enough at the party. He may have been waiting for me to go out for dinner, but you know what? I just didn't want the hassle. When it is just me there's no debate over where to eat and I just was happier doing it my way.

Of course, I didn't get to watch any films that I wanted, except we did watch a repeat of ER at 11. Anyway, he's off in bed now and I'm still trying to understand why I'm so resentful that he didn't have an overnight stay. I know why I'm annoyed, but I think I'm more annoyed than I should be.

Anyway, that's it for me. Tomorrow I'm off work, but I really should make a bank run and see what's going on in my accounts. Talk to you later! Night.


Trisha said...

A little bit of me time is a good thing. Don't feel bad about it. Take it when you can get it!

Helen said...

Thanks Trisha! I think you are right about that.

Thanks for visiting today.