April 17, 2010

Saturday - Snow in the morning, rain the rest of the day.

I woke up this morning still a bit miffed at a certain husband, so when he moved in for a snuggle I got up and took my shower. Afterwards I decided there wasn't much point in being angry for the rest of the day, it would only escalate and we'd end up having a bad weekend. Good call!

We had breakfast at Jiro for a change and then F dropped me off at work. I got busy. My first class went well and we had a good time. I even invented a game on the spot to play with her and it went quite well. Usually with this book I teach two pages over two classes. However, with her, I could almost teach a page and a half over one class. It's not quite enough to go for it, but we often have too much time to kill at the end of class.

In the space between my classes I did the school's laundry and a bit of prep. I also listened to some cds that a friend sent me. I got to listen to some cool jazz (and to think 10 years ago I would NEVER have put the words cool and jazz in the same sentence!) and then the soundtrack for Priscilla. That is a great one. Too bad I couldn't play it louder though.

My 4 pm student called to say that she couldn't come today. Her university class was going overtime. It's a shame, but it was nice of her to let me know. I did up my bookkeeping instead.

My final class went really well. Today we did comparatives and it was fun. She's a bit too quiet, but I usually manage to make her laugh. She's still young, so I'm hoping as she gains confidence she'll speak more.

After classes I did paperwork and cleanup, set up for Tuesday's first class, and then finally called F. He came to pick me up.

We went to Hachimonjia for him to get a couple of tourism books on northern Tohoku and then to Grado for dinner. We both had the same thing, their daily meat special. Today it was beef and chicken and quite yummy. While we were there, the TV had Ratatouille on, so we were watching it. I thought it was a bit odd that an Italian restaurant was playing a movie about a French rat that cooks, but, hey, this is Japan after all! Anything goes. Also, the waitress asked if I get an English newspaper. When she found out that I do, she wanted to ask if I could give them the papers after I read them! I'm tempted to ask if I can get a permanent discount, but on the other hand, I don't mind recycling them, so it's okay. They cut up newspapers to put under the soup plates, and they usually use English ones.

At home tonight, F made us some coffee and we watched The Sarah Connor Chronicles and then I watched Little Britain after F went to bed.

That was pretty much my day. It turned out to be pretty good after all. Hurray for that. Night.

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