April 18, 2010

Sunday - Mostly sunny and clear.

I wasn't feeling that great today. I got up and I felt drained. F, poor thing, was quite genki and wanted to go out exploring but I begged off. It feels like I've pulled a muscle in my thigh and it's painful doing anything like bending or walking. Plus, my heel still hasn't healed as much as I would have hoped. So, when he said he wanted to go and tour the area around the movie set/museum I just couldn't face it.

We had lunch at the Daiichi Hotel and it was okay. I'm not sure what it is, but their meat dishes are always a little salty. After lunch, we stopped at a shoe store and I looked for some shoes for myself. I couldn't find any I liked.

We came home and F decided to spend time in the car with the GPS planning out our road trip that I was so worried about. He came in and told me that to drive between the two cities he wanted to stay in would take 5 hours. Holy cow. And then, to come back from the farthest one would be even longer. He asked me if I thought we should cancel the second city. I said yes. In the future, I'd like to go there, but right now I can see too many problems. What he's done therefore, is cancel the far off hotel and managed to get a second night in the first hotel. Yay. I would MUCH, MUCH rather spend two days in one place than drive so far from home and worry all the time about coming back. We thought about staying in the proverbial love hotels, but with it being Golden Week and us not knowing where they are, thought it would be a bit chancy of us. I told him we'd have to start looking at 5 pm, they'd be expensive, plus we'd have to bring food with us because once you're in, you can't leave. Not that I'd know or anything!

I read a bit of my book in bed for a while, then had snuggles. Don't know why, but snuggles makes me sleepy. I got up after a while though. F wanted dinner around 6:30 so we went to Gusto. It was okay. Really crowded tonight and one of the waiters was very new. I saw him wandering around looking for a table, and when I saw what he was carrying told F that I thought it was our food. Sure enough, it was! No wonder my burger wasn't so hot. He'd also forgotten one of F's dishes.

After dinner I suggested a drive by the park, F countered with a visit to the shoe place across the road. Okay. We went in, 20 minutes before closing, and looked at shoes for me. Some were nice, but not in my size, and some were in my size but not very nice. F found me a pair of really ugly shoes...I wasn't too impressed. I want my feet to be comfortable, not beacons of ugliness. Finally we found a couple of pairs that looked okay. The first pair wasn't a good fit, the second was. Hubby offered to buy them for me (yay) so we got them. At the cash register, I had a very old stamp card that they took, and they had a deal for a 300 yen discount if you did something with your cellphone. Hubby tried to do it for about 15 minutes before it worked. I offered to give him the 300 yen instead. Honestly. Time is money.

We drove by the park and the blossoms aren't out fully. They're starting, but not quite there. We'll both be a bit busy this week so aren't sure if we'll be able to go and see them together. I could always go alone I suppose.

We came home and watched The Sting together. I sat on the couch for it, not at my computer. It was fun. I don't know if I've seen it all the way through before or not. Redford was so gorgeous, and Newman wasn't bad either. F had never seen it before! I can't believe that really.

And that was my day. I felt sorry for my hubby that we didn't do a lot today, but I just didn't want to do anything adventurous today. I'm tired and achy and probably would have whined all over the place if we'd gone out. Don't want that!

Talk to you tomorrow! Night!

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