April 22, 2010

Thursday - Rainy.

I overslept this morning by a few minutes, but the news was set to tape automatically, so it didn't matter much. After I had watched it I had the hardest time staying awake and I very nearly went back to bed. I compromised by taking a 10 minute nap on the couch instead. After that, I was able to get up, make the bed and shower.

I had a quiet afternoon at home. I watched Tomorrow Never Dies which is the Brosnan Bond with Michelle Yeoh. She's tres cool.

My lunch today was scrambled eggs on English Muffins and it was very good. I really enjoyed it. I wonder if I'm getting into a scrambled egg phase rather than a omelette phase!

I went to work in the rain. That wasn't much fun, but I made good time and it wasn't raining enough to get me soaked or worry about dangerous conditions. Although, Japanese drivers do not seem to really understand the rules of the road as I see them!

Class today was good. It was a bit unusual just having one class on a Thursday, but the other two regular ones had cancelled for today. We had a productive time. He learned a few new words and got to speak and read a bit. Good for him.

After class, I did my paperwork, then read the paper and finally got a start on my Journal column. Whew! I wrote about a page by hand. I'll have to self edit of course, but it is started.

I sent F a message that I was done and he called me right back. He was on his way home, so detoured to pick me up. We came home and he began cooking.

Last night we bought groceries for tonight's meal but he was in charge of the meat. He took over making everything else too. He heated the chawanmushi which I probably wouldn't have bothered with! Still, I made coffee and washed and set the table. I also got out the salad. It was a nice meal, but we didn't buy enough meat. I really feel like I should have made him buy more. Hub didn't think it was enough either as he ate noodles later on. I did the dishes while F hung up his laundry.

In the evening we watched last night's Desperate Housewives which was darn funny, and then part of Passengers. F stopped it at 11 to watch the ER repeat. No big deal really.

Oh, while I was watching DH I had a look at some of the pictures that my sister sent me. A cd of them and some dental floss arrived today. Hurray for that. (Yes, I know that Japan has dental floss. However, I haven't been able to find the tape kind. My teeth are very tightly packed and the regular stuff gets shredded, the tape doesn't.)

So, that was my day. Tomorrow I'm off work, but I have that column to write and a few other things to do as well. Wish me luck with them all! Night.

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