April 24, 2010

Saturday - Partly cloudy.

An okay day. I didn't sleep well at all last night. I went to bed late and just couldn't fall asleep. It took ages before I drifted off.

This morning I got up, made the bed and showered. I was even out of the shower before F was home. Yay me. He'd gone to the doctor. Just before it was time to go I bundled up my computer and got ready.

We had an okay brunch in Gusto and then F dropped me off at my school. I got busy. I had forgotten to set the heater the night before so I had to get the place warm as soon as possible. I managed. It wasn't that cold in the first place, just a bit chilly.

Although I was scheduled for 3 classes today, only two of them happened. In the time between classes I worked on my column. I am probably a little over halfway done and I'm quite pleased with what I've written so far. I'll likely rewrite a bit of it, but so far so good.

The classes that I had went well. I won't see either student again until after Golden Week. I gave them both a bit of extra homework because I'm mean that way!

After my last class, I phoned F and got him to come and get me. We dropped my computer off at home and then went off to the mall. When we got there, we decided to see Clash of the Titans. We had about 30 minutes before the movie started, so we went to have dinner. I suggested bibinba so that's what we had. It was good, but rather hot in temperature! I had a hard time eating it.

The movie was fun. It was supremely silly and seemed like a derivative of half a dozen other films...chiefly Avatar! Flying horses...Sam Worthington.... check. At one point F leaned into me and said, "Quidditch" and I knew exactly what he meant! I think I might still prefer the hokey original, but this was entertaining.

We came home via the grocery store so F could get his supplies. We came home and watched a few things on telly. We're now watching Top Gear from Britain. It's really interesting, but F has had a couple of beers and is pontificating all over it. Grr.

Anyway, that was my day. It was quite good. Tomorrow I have no idea what we'll do with ourselves...hopefully we'll have some fun!


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