April 25, 2010

Sunday - Gorgeous but windy, thunderstorm and rain at night.

A busy and fun day...but it's so late I may not be able to say anything! Went to bed around 5 am, got up at 1 ish when F woke me up!

We had brunch at Grado, it was very nice. After, we went to the park by bicycle (which was scary as F's bike broke down in the middle!) and had a good saunter around. It was a lovely day and the blossoms looked lovely as usual. There were lots of people in the park too.

We came home for a bit, F took his bike in to get fixed and I did the apartment entry cleaning.

We went to Doutors for a sandwich because I saw a review of the store on a friend's page and it made me hungry!

After that, we went to karaoke for 2 hours. I sang a lot. They didn't have the Adam Lambert song that I really wanted to do (For Your Entertainment), but they did have Time for Miracles, so I did that one. I did a bunch of others, including the one in this picture. It means that I was the best singer! Ha! I don't really think so, but would this machine lie?

(It's an old song by Right Said Fred-it cracks me up every time I sing it.)

We had a fun dinner in Cocos Ichibanya Curry House. I've been trying to get F to go there for ages. They have a multilingual menu so it was nice for me. The curry wasn't bad either. Mine was better than his...I have the knack for good ordering I think!

We came home and watched The Jerk, the old Steve Martin film. I'd never seen it before, despite being a fan of his. We both thought it was really funny.

And that's about it. F has work tomorrow, I'm a lady of leisure. Yay me. I hope I go out and do something though. Enough of this staying home nonsense! If the weather is okay, I'll likely go out. Talk to you tomorrow night? Night!

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