April 27, 2010

Tuesday - Cloudy and windy, a little rain at night.

A good day. I got up when I was supposed to this morning but the news wasn't on. I had a nice long nap on the couch instead. Sigh. Maybe I should go to bed earlier?

In the afternoon I watched the James Bond movie de jour and had fun doing that. I didn't do a lot until it was time to go to work. I made myself some scrambled eggs and then set off to work.

Originally I had planned to stop on the way, but I decided that the weather might change on me if I did go to the store, so kept on going. I'm rather glad I did as I did a bit of cleaning in my school, plus read the paper and some of my book. I'm presently reading Hot Money, which I got as a Bookmooch this week. I was lucky and someone in Japan had it as a giveaway. It's probably my favourite Dick Francis novel...about a man who married 5 times and one (or more) of his ex-wives or children is trying to kill him. Good stuff.

My student and I had a good class and then she left. When I was finishing up I had some tea and then called F to come and get me. I unplugged a few things at the school and turned off the water. It's a long vacation and if there was an earthquake or something I want to be able to say I took precautions.

F and I had a decent meal in Cocos tonight. I thought he was going to cook, but he didn't. He got home late and was tired. We each tried a new dish. Tonight I had the pork cutlet which was okay, but not as good as F's chicken. I also tried the "Canadian Poutine" but it wasn't any kind of poutine that I've ever had! There was no gravy on it. How can you call it poutine if it doesn't have gravy on it? This was fried potato wedges with melted cheese on it.

We came home and had a snuggle* before So You Think You Can Dance. Tonight's show was really good and we were both impressed by the dancers. When it was over, F took his bath and I watched most of Project Runway. I look forward to watching it all tomorrow. Yay!

And that was my day. I'm hoping to put in a few minutes of reading time before I go to bed. I really love this novel and I don't mind staying up a bit for it. Got to go. Night!

*Usual disclaimers apply.

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