April 29, 2010

Thursday - Cloudy, rainy, then clearing to nice and sunny.

Today was a nice day. It started last night when I turned off my computer a little early, grabbed my book and finished it. I didn't get to bed until 4 am, but it was totally worth it to read Hot Money again. I love Dick Francis. So sad that he's gone now.

I got up at a semi reasonable time today and hubs was already in the kitchen of course. He had made himself some noodles so he wasn't starving! After my shower we decided to go out.

We went to a restaurant for lunch. F had steak and I had dadacha-mame gratin with a salad. It was very nice. I was expecting pasta, but it didn't have any, just the dadacha-mame with sauce and a couple of scallops. Yum.

We went to the Kokusai Mura today too. I wanted to put up a poster on their bulletin board. The English speaking lady that I know wasn't there today. We left the poster with some other ladies. I thought they said they would put it up, F told me later that they didn't say that. It ticks me off because I wouldn't have left the poster with them if I'd known that. He never tells me things. GAH.

RANT**(feel free to skip this paragraph)--Why is it that he will translate every single detail of every single menu that we order from, when he knows I can read them fairly well, BUT refuses to tell me what's going on when it's important to me??? When I ask him to stop translating menus for me he gets angry at me (?Why?). I've told him innumerous times that I will ask him for help with kanji or things I don't understand, but nope, has to translate menus for me. And he always starts with fish, which is almost NEVER my first choice. Or shellfish? I really dislike most shellfish and don't eat it since a horrible food poisoning incident 15 or more years ago. ARGH! **END RANT (maybe!)

Anyway, after that, we went to the new drugstore that has finally opened in that part of town. It was big. And new. And pretty much like all the other drugstores in Tsuruoka! When we were done there, we hit up Yamaya for some decaf coffee, tortillas, and a few other things. F was happy because he got a free fake beer. The lady offered me one too, but I turned it down without thinking of him. Oops. Sorry, I could have gotten one for you dear.

We came home for a bit after that. After a while F went to his house to change the tires on the car. When he came back we watched last night's Desperate Housewives which was fun and a little scary! Edie's husband is odd.

For dinner I suggested going to Kintaro sushi and that's where we went. It wasn't too crowded for a national holiday, which was a little surprising. We had a nice meal and then came home afterwards.

We watched ER and then F went to bed. I'm up late as usual. Sigh. I really should stop that, but it's quite hard at times. I'm not sure why I fight going to bed so much.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm off work again, while F has to go. He'll be off for a bit then with the holiday. I'm hoping things will go well.

Gotta go....night!

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