April 3, 2010

Saturday - Rainy.

Today was an okay day. F didn't get himself off to bed last night until I was on my way, so he didn't go to the doctor this morning. He was very tired in the morning. I got up, watched the US news, and took my shower.

We had a quite nice brunch in Gusto and then F dropped me off at my school. I got ready right away for my first class. I thought I'd left things pretty well on Thursday, but I had a lot of things to do.

My student came and we had a great class. She does very well. I had a bit of a problem though. I pronounce the word "garage" a little differently than most Canadians, a vestige of my childhood in Scotland. Unfortunately, I had to teach her that word and try to use the North American way. I kept getting confused. Hopefully she'll be able to pronounce it without being laughed at like I am!

After class I did paperwork and then set about a bit of redecoration. I usually put up a lot of fake flowers in my classroom, but hadn't changed them for a while. I did today. I put out some new tulips and also a few other springlike flowers. Yay. After that I did some lesson prep and also some reading. I read the newspaper for today and then I read most of The Elusive Mrs. Pollifax. When I was younger I read tons of Mrs. Pollifax books, but somehow, I think I may have missed this one. It was fun and well written. Why oh why can't I get my niece hooked on books like this instead of dreck like Twilight? Vampires versus middle aged spies? Hmm. Guess Mrs. Pollifax doesn't *sparkle*!

My second class today was more than 4 hours after my first one. I had originally thought that hubby would ask me to go out for coffee and I had hinted around it, but he said that he would do some of his work. Oh well. I drank Irish breakfast tea and counted myself fortunate to have the time to myself.

My second student and I had quite a good class too. We're working on countables and uncountables and I HATE teaching them. I get confused between British, Canadian and US English. However, we did have a good class and I think she's enjoying herself. She doesn't speak nearly enough however.

After she left and I turned on my phone, I got a note the F had tried to call me. Seems one of the ladies I'm meeting tomorrow was calling with a change of plans. I called her back and we got everything sorted. I finished up my paperwork, finished my novel (I only had 2 chapters left...couldn't just leave it hanging!) and then called F again.

He picked me up and we went to Cocos for dinner. We shared a pizza, had dessert (coupon) and a drink bar-salad set. It was okay. Not the greatest pizza ever, but fine. Then we came home.

At home we had a quiet evening. Hub watched some kickboxing thing (yuck) but when it finished I made him watch The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I think he likes it too though.

That's about it. I'm off to Sendai tomorrow to lunch with some AFWJ ladies and then perhaps see a movie or two. I'm looking forward to it if I'm honest. I'll miss blogging tomorrow night though. Check back Monday night to see how things go. I'll talk to you later. Night!

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