April 5, 2010

Monday - Rainy in Sendai, clear in Tsuruoka.

Yesterday went swimmingly. I got up early, caught my bus without problems and arrived in Sendai in lots of time. I had a wonderful lunch with some ladies from my women's group and then showed one of them around a little.

I checked into my hotel and after a power snooze of 20 minutes, went out to see about my movie. I got to the theater and discovered I'd missed the last show already. Ack. I memorized the time for the early show for Monday and did some exploring. I found an Indian restaurant that I'd never gone to before so I marked it in my head and then went on. I did a little bit of shopping, but not much. I went back to the Indian restaurant and had a nice dinner. I had vegetable samosas, almond chicken curry and naan. The curry was amazing. After I left the building and went into the station for my Assam Black Tea Latte. It was really good. I sat in the Starbucks and just relaxed for a bit.

I walked back to the hotel and decided to spend the night in. I watched a little TV and also read the book that I'd brought from home. I ended up finishing it and even shedding a tear or two at the end. It was Certain Girls, the sequel to Good In Bed.

Today I slept until 9 am, then got up and had a few bread based things I'd bought yesterday for breakfast. In all honesty, I don't like the hotel's breakfast. I think it is overpriced and not varied enough. I'd rather buy something the night before and have it for breakfast, so I did. I showered and finished packing up my suitcase. My movie started at 11:30 and checkout was 11. I left my room.

I checked out and asked if I could leave my suitcase for 2-3 hours. The desk clerk said it was okay and offered me an umbrella when he heard I didn't have one. Yay! I hadn't realized but it was raining heavily outside. I walked to the theater and went to see The Hurt Locker. It was the first time for me to use this theater, but it was nice. It was very very small. It reminded me a little of The Princess Theater in Edmonton, but it was actually smaller than that.

I liked the movie, but I think I may need to see it again. I'm not sure if The Hurt Locker was as good as all the hype. It was good and I think it was really worth watching, but there was something missing for me.

After the film, I bought a new umbrella for myself and walked back to the hotel for my bag. I gave back the umbrella and took myself and my suitcase to the Aer building. I put it in a locker (but not a Hurt Locker), and went for lunch. The Thai restaurant's lunch special was finished, so I went to the pasta place and had carbonnara. It was very good, and very big. After that, I went shopping.

I didn't buy a lot, but I did buy Kris Allen's cd from American Idol and hemmed and hawed a bit about getting Allison's too. I didn't, thought I'd wait and see if I can hear some of it first. I got something for my best friend. Her birthday is next week so I'd better get it off to her soon. Sigh.

I was starting to run out of time, so I checked out the bookstore because I like to torture myself. I thought I might buy a magazine with lots of stories in it, but it turned out to be quite expensive. I didn't buy any books at all. Yay me.

I caught my bus and settled in for the ride. The only problem I had was the heater was really cranked up and it was cooking my leg. I ended up moving away from the window because I was just too hot.

When we got to Tsuruoka, F wasn't waiting for me. The bus was 6 minutes late. I was a bit surprised so I called him. He was at home and had fallen asleep. He picked me up a few minutes later and we went to Togashi for yakiniku. He wanted lots of food, but I didn't. I talked him down to a smaller combo and I think it was a good idea. Dinner was yummy.

After we ate, we made a quick stop via my school to set the heater, then came home. At home I caught up on my email and relaxed.

Tomorrow I'm back at work. I hope it goes well. Wish me luck eh! Talk to you all later. Night!


medea said...

I loved Certain Girls! You always have great taste in books. :)

Helen said...

Thank you! I really like Jennifer Weiner. She is a writer that I have enjoyed for the last few years. Her blog can be quite funny too. It's at http://jenniferweiner.blogspot.com/

Thanks for visiting :-)