April 6, 2010

Tuesday - Cloudy in the daytime, rainy at night.

An okay day. I couldn't get up this morning. I just couldn't. I finally dragged myself out of bed around 10 and then replayed the news for myself. I enjoyed watching it. I made the bed, showered and got dressed in quick succession.

I spent some time on my computer before making my lunch and getting ready for work. I also watched my usual Saturday night CSI shows. So glad that CSI: Vegas is coming back soon. I'm getting so tired of Miami with its awful plotlines.

I cycled to work and it was nice. The weather was just how I like it. Slightly overcast, a little breezy and not too hot, not too cold. Perfect.

At school I got busy, changed my clothes, did a spot of dusting and then had an okay class with my student. That it wasn't great was down to me more than to her.

Between classes I had 3 hours today so I did quite a few things. Paperwork, reading of newspapers and drinking tea. I was really glad to be able to get some things done.

My second class went quite well. My student had done some homework so as it was speechwriting, we just had to improve her speech. Many interesting points came up in today's class too, including my cowlicks and how they "run in my family"! That was one of today's phrases. I've been blessed with 3 of them. Drives my hairdresser crazy!

After work, I finished the Sunday puzzle and then called F to come and get me. He did and we had an okay dinner in a Japanese restaurant that he likes. I had fried chicken and he had the veggie stirfry that I usually get. What we really did was swap a lot of the chicken and veggies so that we each got a bit of them. I was glad because I'd much rather have had the chicken and veggies than just one or the other.

We came home and had a quiet evening together. We watched So You Think You Can Dance and they had a really cool Bollywood routine, the last routine of the night. I loved it. Unfortunately F was tired and had already gone to bed. I keep trying to get him to dance with me, but he's not good at any type of dancing. I used to be, but I hardly ever dance these days. Sigh.

Tomorrow I have work again, and I need to wrap up my friend's birthday presents for sending away. I really need to do that soon. Wish me luck! Night.

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medea said...

I love SYTYCD, and the Bollywood ones are my fave!

My husband shushes me when I laugh out loud too. Annoying!